#Human Rights
Sri Lanka

Every human being in this world has the right to live in peace even in Sri Lanka. Since 1983 there has been nothing but political chaos in the iceland of Sri Lanka.

More facts about the civil-war in Sri Lanka can be found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_conflict_in_Sri_Lanka. Before the tsunami, dec. 2004, there has been around 68.000 casualties due to the war. Tsunami death toll: around 40.000 and leaving 1.5 million people in poverty north, north east and south in Sri Lanka and even after the cruel disaster of the nature back in 2004, the civil-war escalated to continue taking 4.000 casualties the last 15 month. The fact is since 1983 Sri Lanka/Tamil Eelam has lost more then 100.000 people of it's population which seriously affecting the country in many many ways.

One of the importent topic is the poverty and casualties which the war (Northern regions) and Tsunami (North, North-East and South-East People) brought to the people of Sri Lanka/Tamil Eelam.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to eliminate the ongoing WAR, which is taking the life's of the innocent people in Sri Lanka/Tamil Eelam and only bring them back to basic=poverty. We, undersigned take no parts in the political point of view on the persisting hostalities and escalating war between the Sri Lankan goverment body and The Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam but only asking the UN to bring peace to the iceland Sri Lanka.

We, undersigned believe that without the help of UN there are not much help for the innocent people of Sri Lanka, who are now homeless and living in camps and others who are killed daily on cross-fire between the SL army forces and the LTTE forces.

We, undersigned ask for immediate act from the UN in order to bring peace in Sri Lanka.

We, undersigned thank UN commission for taking this petition in consideration on topic as Human rights and a vital key to fight poverty in Sri Lanka.

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