Seattle Public Schools
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In the late 1980's, the Seattle Public schools tore down what was the Maple Leaf elementary school. Since this time, the school district has been deciding what to do with the property.

The Meadowbrook Community Council has approached the public schools, City of Seattle, and other institutions about creating an open space allowing this area to be a recharge acquifer for Thornton Creek.

The Meadowbrook Community Council Open Space Committee would like to see this area remain as open space instead of being developed as housing. This property may be zoned for 18 houses. This will add congestion and traffic to a street that already has issues with traffic.

To support this action, please contact Ron English at Seattle Schools to be put on notice of any votes to occur around this issue. His contact information: renglish@seattleschools.org or 206-252-0651. If the Seattle Public Schools decides to sell, they should do so by community involvement to chose a seller.

We, the undersigned, who live within the neighborhood of the Old Maple Leaf School Site at 32nd Avenue NE and NE 100th Street, support an open public space to be created that will not include development of residential housing. The future of this open public space to be determined.

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