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Greens Senator Bob Brown is leading a campaign to save the tallest flowering plants in the world in the 'Valley of the Giants' in Tasmania. The Trees in the Styx valley, just 2 hours from Hobart, are the second tallest trees on the planet just behind the Redwoods in California.

These trees are averaging 500 years of age. One of these Eucalyptus regnans, which means 'king of the eucalypts' measured 134 metres high. It is registered in the Guiness Book of Records as the world's tallest ever tree.

These magnificent forests are being logged for woodchips for the Japanese paper mills by the Howard Government and the Tasmanian State ALP Government. The Wilderness Society and the Greens in Tasmania are fighting back with the best weapon they know - public opinion. Each weekend, the Society hosts busloads of visitors to the Valley of the Giants.

Pictures of the splendour, as well as the slaughter, of these forests are being sent to scientists, politicians and environment groups around the world. The aim is to have the Howard Government and Labor Opposition drop their support for logging and, united, declare the Valley of the Giants a national park and World Heritage Area.

Please help to save this living breathing forest of the giants.

We the undersigned, stand stong in protest against the felling of the Eucalyptus regnans trees within the Valley of the Giants in Tasmania.

We ask that the Howard Government and the Tasmanian State ALP Government dismiss all plans now and into the future for this felling of such life giving trees. Without trees we cannot breath and without breathing we cannot survive!

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