Betsy Gotbaum: NYC Public Advocate
United States of America

Make your voice heard. Say "NO" to rapes and sexual assaults.

In 2001 I was raped and sexually assaulted by Junior, an alien resident. As an American, I truly hoped that the authority and organizations I have contacted would help me. Junior has in many occasions attempted to kill our fellow Americans. His goal is to exploit little girls, continue to rape other women, and to exploit the US' social services. I have gotten raped for protecting my fellow Americans and for defending the US government. Therefore, I'm requesting your signatures to help keep junior out of our society since his goal is to obtain his US citizenship so that he could expand his criminal activities. As Americans, we should remain indivisible and not be fearful of chasing rapist and possible killer out of our society. Your signatures will help make a difference. Your effort will help contribute to a safer society for all Americans. Thank you.
United and indivisible we shall stand!

We, the undersigned, say "NO" to rapes and sexual assaults against our American people. We want a safe and amicable society. We are asking the leaders of our society to keep Junior and other rapists and deviant characters out. We, the undersigned, wish to protect our American society against rapes and thereby demand that rapists do not become citizens and be deported out of our society.

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