#Neighborhood Living
Residents of Primrose Estate, Ecclefield, Sheffield S35
United Kingdom

The Primrose Estate in Ecclesfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire is an estate where the people have been forgotten. The people who live there work hard to earn a living, they pay their taxes and look after the area where they live.

Unfortunately this means that they are often overlooked when it comes to local authority resources. Sadly,the area is now falling victim to criminal activity.

One of the reasons that this is happening is because the street lighting installations are approaching 50 years old. The lamps fail to offer adequate lighting and allow criminals to damage vehicles and other property at will, without any fear of detection.

The people of the Primrose estate demand that their collective voice be heard.

We demand that our taxes be used to fund something that not only benefits us, but is NEEDED by us.

We demand that the street lighting is replaced, AND REPLACED NOW.

We, the undersigned residents, call upon Sheffield City Council to replace the street lighting on the Primrose estate, Ecclesfield.

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