United Nations, other leaders

On Sunday, October 28, 15 Pakistani Christian martyrs and their security guard were massacred as they quietly worshipped in their church in the Punjab town of Bahawalpur . Nine more were wounded. In China, Christians are routinely persecuted, beaten and jailed, and the same persecution of Christians goes on in some African nations as well.

Many Islamic countries routinely persecute Christians to various degrees and Christians are often forced to meet and worship in secret in the Muslim world. Dayna Curry and her fellow Shelter Now relief workers are held prisoner by the Taliban in Afghanistan -their alleged offense, preaching Christianity. http://www.christianactivities.com/missions/story.asp?ID=1701.

In Pakistan, a country considered to have a tolerant view of Christians, churches must have a security guard to protect them, and on Sunday, October 28, even that extreme measure was not enough to insure that these people could worship in peace without fear of attack.

It is time for the leaders of the world to take note that the people of the world object to this widespread persecution of Christians around the world.

We the undersigned insist that our leaders, the United Nations, and the leaders of the countries at fault take action to stop the persecution of Christians. We request immediate, effective action to end
any form of persecution against Christians, and insist that world leaders make sure that no more Christians suffer at the hand of terrorists, murderers and intolerant governments.

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