Senator Vince Fumo
United States of America

This petition seeks to save a currently existing, award-winning urban community garden in South Philadelphia from development.

Petition for Permanency of an Existing Community Garden at 1100 Block of South Clarion and 13th Streets in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
We the signatories represented below do hereby declare our support in any and all efforts to render the existing community garden space noted above as a permanent community garden. Considerable research supports urban green spaces as enhancements for all elements that define quality of life. In existence for more than seven years, this garden represents reclamation of an abandoned, trash-strewn lot into an award-winning flower garden. The efforts of labor, talent and money have been at the sole discretion of the neighbors who have contributed to making this space an urban oasis. We thereby respectfully appeal to the recipient of this document to actively make the resources at your disposal available to assure the permanency of this space as a garden for our community.

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