Nottingham City Council
United Kingdom

Nottingham City Council are proposing to close Elms Primary & Nursery school, following a revised proposal for the reorganisation of Primary schools in the St Ann's and Mapperley areas in Nottingham.

The Local Authority is thinking of closing down our school because there are too few pupils.

We strongly believe the closing our school is wrong and will have a detrimental impact on our children and the local community.

About Elms:
72% of parents rate the Elms "very good" or better (annual survey 2006).
Recently renovated outdoor multi-use games area.
"Elms is an effetive school" - OFSTED Report 2004.
International Schools Award recipient 4 years running.

What Parents are saying:
"The Local Authority chose this school for my autistic son because of its outstanding inclusion policies"
"This school has been the best of all the schools that any of my four children have attended"
"We travel by bus 30 minutes everyday to get to the Elms because my children don't want to leave".

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We, the undersigned, believe that the Elms Primary and Nursery School should remain open and call on Nottingham City Council not to decide in favour of the revised proposal being put forward by the School Organisation Team.

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