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1. Samsung to release pink Note 8 in the U.S

Samsung will be releasing the Note 8 in mid September with only two colors in the U.S region. Midnight Black and in Orchid Gray. Though more colors will be released in other regions, and the most desirable color thus far the "Star Pink" set to only come out in Taiwan. Usually more feminine colors are not slated to be released in the U.S. due to lack of popularity .This petition is to let Samsung know there is a market here for a pink phone and we want it.

2. Refunds for Samsung Note 7 Purchased in Singapore

The Samsung Note 7 is now a 'lemon'; Samsung has admitted that the batteries have issues and have commenced a global recall. For the Singapore models, they have only provided the option of a 1-to-1 exchange.

Despite the exchange, battery issues continue to surface, overheating seems worse, the phone is underperforming, the phone still remains a banned product, etc etc.

Consumers who purchased their Samsung Note 7 in Singapore should enjoy the same rights as other users globally - to have the option for refund.

3. Fairness for all mobile users

It is a well known fact that once you sign up to a contract with a mobile phone company you are stuck with it whether you are receiving good or bad service.

People should be able to swap companies easy and without penalty as with the utility companies

4. We want paper books (instead of tablet technology)

We as the students of Pearson prefer paperback books over technology (tablets).

5. All phones sold should be unlocked!

To unlock a mobile phone on Vodafone network costs 130 euros and this is unreasonable after paying up to eight-hundred for a phone.

I don't think it should be enforced like this and phones should be unlocked when you buy them!

6. Make an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 64Gb Available WorldWide

Samsung promised and advertised that it will release the Galaxy Note 3 devices with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB internal memory. So far, only the 16GB and 32GB are available and there is no sign of the 64GB version.

Some facts:

- The 16GB device is coming only with about 9 GB usable memory for your applications.

- With the 32GB, it's about 25.

- You CAN'T move the apps on the sd-card

- "Move to SD" is useless because you can move only apps, but not its data (the data is huge, not the apk)

- ROOTING is not a solution, because there is no safe or 100% functional way to move the apps to the sd-card and you will also void the warranty.

- Samsung SIM lock was broken a week after it's release and will continue to be broken as they update it.

In other words Samsung is alienating their customers with their region lock policy for no good reason and without success ! Their time and energy would be better spent making their product even better and pleasing their fan instead of making them angry.

- The price difference between 16GB version and 32 GB is usually below $100 (most of time $50/€50/£50) and same between 32 GB and 64 GB

We want to let Samsung know that we want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung's future smartphones but we will refrain doing that until they remove the SIM/Region lock and make the 64 GB device available WorldWide. We don't care that it's more expensive than the 32GB device, but we want it online (eg. Amazon) and in physical stores worldwide!

Keep lying and ignoring your fans and customers will buy other brands.

If you don't think that thrust is important, keep this up and we'll see where you stand in a few years.

Please sign the petition and I will do my best to forward to Samsung Mobile WorldWide.

7. Add Radio in Samsung Galaxy S3 (especially 19305) and S4 phones

We all know that Samsung decided not to include radio capabilities in its new phones, i.e. Galaxy s3 (model i9305) and its Galaxy s4 phones.

These phones are quite expensive and the price paid by customers for them does not justify the absence of radio FM playing capabilities.

Radio is a basic function and for these smartphones, the absence of this function is unreasonable. This petition will help to motivate SAMSUNG to include the radio chipset in its new flagship of phones.

8. Against Advertising to Cellphone Numbers in ANY Form

Federal Trade Commission authorizes businesses to contact people, on their telephones or cellphones, for the purpose of selling their services or products.

9. Support Texting Rights In Timberlane Middle School

Students in Timberlane are not allowed to text or even have thier phones on them.

If there is a test they shouldn't be allowed to text but other than that I dont see a problem.

10. New Iphone for Grossman!

Please help me i need to get 500 people to sign so that i can get a new Iphone4S, please sign.

11. Stop texting and talking in cars by high school students

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriffs office there are hundreds of accidents caused by young high school students texting and talking while driving.

Many lives have been lost and tens of thousands of dollars in property damage are lost every year.

We can do something to stop this from happening.

12. Open Letter in support of Samsung workers and families

This letter is in support of the more than more than 140 electronics workers in Korea who have developed cancer and other serious occupational diseases (more than 1/3 of whom have already died).

We will be presenting it to the Korean Government in order to support the court decision which ruled in favor of compensation for Samsung workers (but the government has filed an appeal in support of Samsung).

This is an important precedent setting case and we need to demonstrate broad global support for this struggle.

13. Replace GT-I9000M with a non-defective phone

The Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000M (aka the Vibrant) from Bell Mobility seems to be having a high rate of failure with the internal SD storage.

Some people started seeing their internal SD card become unreadable, unmountable, or just plain invisible to the kernel.

This causes the phone to be inoperative and the only way to correct this is to send the phone in for repair.

It seems that Samsung is aware of all the Bell Samsung Vibrant's dying, and they're pretty sure it has something to do with the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update or faulty components. As a result, they have pulled Froyo from Kies (Samsung's proprietary software for the Galaxy S).

While the Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones (Samsung Epic 4G, Vibrant, Fascinate & Captivate) are among the top Android smartphones, it seems that the GT-i9000M is the only Galaxy S variant to have this problem.

14. International Petition to support Samsung workers & families

Over the past two decades, Samsung has become one of the most dominant electronics companies in the world, and is now a global leader in semiconductors, flat panel displays, mobile phones, and television production.

Sadly, this rapid rise to global dominance has come with serious consequences for the workers who produce the products – recent reports indicate that about 100 workers – mostly young women - have been stricken with cancer – mostly blood cancers - and at least 30 of them have died – making this the one of the largest known electronics cancer clusters in the world. (See for more information).

Samsung has denied all responsibility for these illnesses and the Korean government has declined to declare the cancers “work related” and refuses to disclose results of its investigation of Samsung. In response, a strong support movement led by the victims and their families has emerged in Korea and around the world and is seeking justice for those who have suffered from occupational illness.

We the undersigned express our support for the workers and their families and call on the Korean government and Samsung to commit to the following principles in addressing this situation:

15. Boycott Samsung for excluding Quebec in contests

I have checked out 3 different contests made by Samsung Canada, and in each they DO NOT include Quebec. I find this very maddening as Quebec is still a Province of Canada.

16. Issue Samsung Behold Firmware Updates

Here are a few quotes from some frustrated Behold owners, posted on the Samsung Behold Forum:

"I called again today, they [T-Mobile] had me do a master reset, which of course fixed nothing"

"A locked buggy phone is boring and a waste."

"I check every night for an update."
Persian (Samsung Behold forum Administrator)

"So im kinda getting mad. Where is the update for this phone???...Yeah it's a real let down if they don't release one, I mean it's really not that hard for them to do. At least fix minor problems...

"Hope [an update] happens soon enough, this is an awesome phone!"

"No we're frustrated because when we click [software update] nothing happens. WE WANT UPDATES.

"I'm seriously considering getting rid of this phone just because of the fact that there's nothing anyone can mod or even adjust. Give me some themes or some fonts...anything other than stock."

17. Support HS Crew

In the early dawn, on December 7th, 2007, a fully laden VLCC, the Hebei Spirit was anchored in a designated (by the local Korean VTS authorities), when a run-away (due to a broken tow wire) Samsung crane barge – being towed by a Marine Spread (MS) of 2 tugs and an anchor-handling tug - smashed into the tanker, breaching 2 full cargo tanks and spilling around 10,500 tonnes of crude oil. The weather at the time was bad, with 3-4metre high waves and winds around Beaufort scale 6-7.

After the crew worked nearly 48 hours non-stop to minimize the spill, the Master (Capt. Jasprit Chawla) and Chief Officer (Syam Chetan) were interrogated for up to 12 hours a day, into the night and ultimately the Korean Prosecutor brought criminal charges against them for basically, not getting out of the way due to lack of proper watch-keeping and not doing enough to minimize the oil spill itself. Omitted were the charges that the C/O was first to notify the coastal authorities that a MS may be in trouble and coming too close to them; not only were the coastal authorities unaware of this situation, but they were unable to contact the MS via the emergency Channel 16 or any other normal maritime communications, except after some 20 minutes through the mobile telephone of one of the tug crew members.

And a trial followed.

On June 23rd, a Korean court found both officers innocent of all charges brought against them – but still the Prosecutor’s Office refused to let the 2 Indian officers leave the country.

Instead, the Prosecutor’s Office and Samsung filed an appeal. The Korean Maritime Safety Tribunal then rushed to finish their investigation (similar in content and points raised, as the Appeal submissions by the Prosecutor’s Office and Samsung), submitted to the Appeals Court as “evidence”, based on hindsight and assumptions, omitting circumstances such as gale force winds (Beaufort scale 6-7) and 3-4 metre waves. (see for videos and details)

On December 10th, the Korean Appeals Court reversed the earlier verdict of innocent and sentenced the Master to 18 months jail and the Chief Officer to 8 months jail, plus some fines. Both officers were immediately handcuffed in the court and led, directly from the court, to jail.

To add insult to injury, 2 of the crew of the MS who had previously been sentenced at the first trial, had their sentences reduced?

We believe this is utterly disgraceful and a blemish on Korea’s maritime authorities and their maritime legal system. With the Samsung providing a quarter of the country’s GDP, it seems that political expediency rather than actual facts was involved in the KMST’s efforts in producing an investigation very strongly self-serving to Samsung and Korea.

This is legally, morally and ethically wrong and we call upon the industry as a whole to make their voices heard and join this petition to free the innocent Indian Master and Chief Officer and return to their families and normal life.

18. Get Samsung to acknowledge the faults (Scrolling bars, Triple Ball Effect, Slowdown/Stutter) with the LE46F86BD LCD Television

Many consumers who have purchased the LE46F86BD LCD TV have encountered issues with scrolling bars, picture slowdown and stutter and Triple Ball Effect on the screen that impair the picture quality.

Despite numerous calls by different people to Samsung in the UK, no resolution or even acceptance of this being a known fault has been given.

In certain circumstances people have had their TV sets taken for "Repair" only for them to come back unfixed with explanations like "The set does not support 60Hz signals".

19. Improve the pathetic state of Reliance Infocom Services

Ever since the reliance Infocom service started it has been nothing but a joke. The network isnt well spread, SMS don't work, tech support rarely has an idea as to when things will actually work. The so called 'features' of the handsets are actually shortcomings and Reliance has no plans of replacing them. The Samsung handset can't ring and vibrate at the same time. Moreover the max SMS length is an apalling 140 chars.