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Samsung Canada

The Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000M (aka the Vibrant) from Bell Mobility seems to be having a high rate of failure with the internal SD storage.

Some people started seeing their internal SD card become unreadable, unmountable, or just plain invisible to the kernel.

This causes the phone to be inoperative and the only way to correct this is to send the phone in for repair.

It seems that Samsung is aware of all the Bell Samsung Vibrant's dying, and they're pretty sure it has something to do with the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update or faulty components. As a result, they have pulled Froyo from Kies (Samsung's proprietary software for the Galaxy S).

While the Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones (Samsung Epic 4G, Vibrant, Fascinate & Captivate) are among the top Android smartphones, it seems that the GT-i9000M is the only Galaxy S variant to have this problem.

We request that Bell Mobility and Samsung Mobile Canada take immediate action to resolve the many reported problems with the Samsung Galaxy S i9000M made available through Bell Mobility.

- Provide direction on what actions i9000M customers can take to avoid these problems

- Provide i9000M customers a time-line of actions to be taken by Bell and Samsung to resolve root issues

- Take action to reduce the turnaround time customers face when submitting their phones for servicing

- Work together to provide resolution to the many affected customers rather than blaming each other

- Allow customers to suspend their mobile accounts without penalty while phones are submitted for service and/or provide at no cost a "loaner" phone of equivalent functionality

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