#Human Rights
Ministry of Employment and Labor in Korea

This letter is in support of the more than more than 140 electronics workers in Korea who have developed cancer and other serious occupational diseases (more than 1/3 of whom have already died).

We will be presenting it to the Korean Government in order to support the court decision which ruled in favor of compensation for Samsung workers (but the government has filed an appeal in support of Samsung).

This is an important precedent setting case and we need to demonstrate broad global support for this struggle.

On June 23, 2011, the Seoul Administrative Court issued an historic ruling that supported compensation for 2 Samsung workers who had died of leukemia.

But shamefully, the Korean government (KCOMWEL) supported Samsung and decided to appeal the court’s decision. We find KCOMWEL’s actions to be dishonorable and not in keeping with the agency mission or the standards of the Korean Government.

Therefore, in the short term we urge the Ministry of Labor to withdraw the mistaken court appeal of the two injured Samsung workers. We also believe that the agency should be held accountable for its dishonorable actions.

In the mid-term, we believe that there should be a careful examination of KCOMWEL operations with an eye towards improving workers’ quality of life, starting with full disclosure and transparency of agency research and actions.

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