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Here are a few quotes from some frustrated Behold owners, posted on the Samsung Behold Forum:

"I called again today, they [T-Mobile] had me do a master reset, which of course fixed nothing"

"A locked buggy phone is boring and a waste."

"I check every night for an update."
Persian (Samsung Behold forum Administrator)

"So im kinda getting mad. Where is the update for this phone???...Yeah it's a real let down if they don't release one, I mean it's really not that hard for them to do. At least fix minor problems...

"Hope [an update] happens soon enough, this is an awesome phone!"

"No we're frustrated because when we click [software update] nothing happens. WE WANT UPDATES.

"I'm seriously considering getting rid of this phone just because of the fact that there's nothing anyone can mod or even adjust. Give me some themes or some fonts...anything other than stock."

We, as owners of Samsung Beholds, which are by the way, terrific phones, feel as though we were not being heard when we try to voice our concerns and complaints regarding certain issues with these phones.

We all try our best to see past most of the faults of this phone, but the fact that we can't do things on ours that the most basic phones can do, ie; change screensavers on the lock screen or apply new themes, leads us to believe that Samsung inadequately released the phone before it was time.

The mere thought that I could be typing an important text and my phone just randomly shuts off, angers me and makes me feel like I was robbed of the $375 I spent on this phone. We are all loyal T-Mobile customers and some of us are even previous Samsung phone users and we would like our concerns to be addressed.

So many of us have called T-Mobile and emailed Samsung to try and find some answers with no success. It is not fair that we have such a great phone with so much potential in our hands, and it is so restricted.

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