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Government Of Canada

THESE PEOPLE ARE COMPLETELY ALONE! The peace keepers who were there as of September 30th are gone. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE.

3,000 Canadian troops are currently in Afghanistan slaughtering innocent people - a mere 100 are in Africa helping. That's right, that's for the entire Continent. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR PEACE KEEPERS?

These people don't have protection, food, clean water, clothing, shelter or water. Right now as you read this thousands of people are STARVING to death, being SHOT or RAPED.

We NEED to come together and DO SOMETHING about these attrocities before it's too late.


In the beginning of 2003 a rebel group began attacking government targets. Why? They claimed the government was oppressing black Africans in favour of Arabs. Although the government admits mobilising " Self Defense Militias " after the rebel attacks, it denies having any connection to the Janjaweed, who are a militia drawn from Darfurian and Chadian Arab tribes that became known for massacre, rape and forced displacement in 2003-2004.

Many of the civilians from Darfur have been forced to flee for safety as the result of maniacal raids of the state-sponsored Arab militias and government helicopter gun ships. So far, 400,000 lives have been taken.

The Sudanese government has promised to disarm the Janjaweed, yet there is little evidence that this has been done.

As of late 2004, 1.2 million people had been displaced from their homes, 200,000 had fled to Chad, 405 villages had been destroyed ( 100 others significantly damaged ), and 50,000 people had been killed. All this in only one year.

The lives of the women, men and children in Darfur are in danger. Not only are they being killed by the Janjaweed, but they don't have enough food, water or medicine to survive. I'm not asking you to donate money, or even food or clothing. All I'm asking is that you take the time to sign this.

You may be thinking, " Why should I care? These people aren't related to me. They have never helped me in any way. " But the truth is, they ARE people. Like you and I, they don't want to suffer. They love, they breathe, they feel, just like us.

You have a choice right now, you can allow this to continue, or you can stand up for the victims of these attrocities in Darfur.

If enough people sign this petition, something will be done. Don't under estimate the power of one person.

We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian government to give substantial humanitarian aid to the people in the Darfur region and to use diplomatic means with the Sudanese government to stop the genocide.

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