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Another outlet for Rap was reintroduced by MTV called MTV-J or MTV Jams. This channel is dedicated to Rap, Hip-Hop & R&B, which is played 24/7. MTV owns VH1; under that umbrella is a plethora of channels that already cater to the Rap/Hip-Hop genre: VH1 Soul, BET, MTV-H, & MTV2. This genre has taken over the airwaves, which reigns on the aforementioned channels while Rock/Metal videos take a back seat.

By us not having a voice, we have very limited choices/outlets for us to see the kind of music videos we love. Currently, Rock/Metal fan only have 4 outlets, all of which split time with other genres: 1). MTV/M2, usually after midnight; 2). Headbangers Ball, aired for 2 hours on Saturdays; 3). VH1 Classic (Metal hour); 4). Fuse. In other words the voice of the Rock/Metal fan is not being heard by the powers that be, the MTV/Viacom Execs.

I, for one, would love to see MTV-X back on the throne. Deciding action was needed, not sit back, and take it...again, I called MTV and spoke to someone in Programming. They said a poll was distributed to get a feel for the popularity of X & whether or not to discontinue the channel. DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER THIS? I sure don't! If the poll were in plain site a fight would have ensued to keep the doors of "X " open. The poll was undoubtedly in the shadows like the channel itself. "X" was not highly advertised like other MTV venues nor was it available to the masses. One needed to be a subscriber to a specific cable provider in order to view the channel.

Recap: we, the Rock/Metal fan, do not have an outlet available to us that shows videos or related programming 24/7 like other genres. We got Headbangers Ball back, why not go that extra mile to get OUR channel back, MTV-X? By rallying together as ONE unified voice & by signing the petition, we will stand together as one. With enough signatures, this denotes interest, which the Execs at MTV said we were lacking. I WANT MY MTV-X!!! Let's get "X" back on the air AND available to the masses! Sign the petition!

The Rock/Metal fan does not have an available outlet that shows videos 24/7. We, the under-signed, are rallying together as ONE unified voice to not only get MTV-X back, but maybe we have the powers that be at MTV, make it available to the masses!

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