Foo Fighters

It has come to my attention that whilst touring Australia in November the Foo Fighters have opted to play at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. For all of their Melbourne based fans this is a real shame. Whilst holding nothing against Rod Laver Arena it is not the best venue for live music.

For the amount of limited times we get to see headlining bands such as the Foo's, it is a big letdown to hear that they've "sold out" and decided to play here instead of playing at slightly smaller venues with the intent of making the performances more intimate.

It's not often we get to see the Foo's so we'd like to go to a venue that leaves us with great memories of a great gig. Make your signature count Australia. Your live music is at risk.

Being a fan of the Foo Fighters I am disappointed to know that they will be playing Rod Laver Arena whilst in Melbourne. I hereby sign this petition stating that I am not impressed at this total disregard of the Melbourne fan. I agree that the Foo Fighters should play at a different venue to keep all their fans happy.

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