Media and Seattle State Officals

March 30, 2004

This petition is for all the people whom do not believe Kurt Cobain killed himself but was killed. He was on 225 mg. of heroin, which would immediately incapacitate Cobain. He could not have picked up the Shot Gun nor pulled the trigger. Also there were no fingerprints on the gun. If he pulled the trigger there would be his fingerprints on the gun at least.

Kurt needs justice, and lets give it to him. The people signing this petition all think Mr. Cobain was murdered and Courtney Love/Cobain had something to do with it. For more information on the investigation you can email me at Tinkerbellzgrl@yahoo.com or go to www.justiceforkurt.com and the site will give you evidence. Or I will.

My name is Gidget J. Hersh and I will fight this until Mr. Cobain gets the justice he deserves.

We, the undersigned, believe Kurt Cobain didn't commit suicide.

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