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Petition to UN to ensure that Iraq disarms and that they fulfill their responsibility to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

We do not want war. But we do believe that the UN is responsible for stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and should do whatever is necessary to fulfill this responsibility. Iraq has not provided proof that banned weapons have been destroyed as required by your resolution. Neither have they cooperated with inspectors, only recently allowing UN reconnaissance flights after 6 months of inspections. Yet you insist that diplomacy is working and that the use of force would be "an admission of failure". We suggest a different definition of failure. The real failure will occur when a banned weapon kills thousands of people, and the world discovers that these weapons really do exist. We do not want war, nor do we condemn diplomacy. We care only that the UN achieves its goal of disarming Iraq and ensures that these weapons are never used. It is for this goal that we will hold the UN accountable.

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