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1. Leave Battlefield Monuments Alone

Here in Maryland and all across our great nation misled and uninformed groups are pushing for the removal of National and Local monuments that in their words are "Offensive". Present times have even seen individuals and groups taking matters into their own hands by desecrating and tearing down whatever "Offends" them at the moment. Here in South Washington County we have our own "show down" looming, local politicians John Delaney and Anthony Brown have filed for legislation to have a National Monument that pays respect to a Military Veteran who served for the Confederate Army during the Civil War removed and taken away from the Antietam National Battlefield. It is simply time to put a stop to the shameful behavior and actions of those that want to hide our history.

2. Remove Trump from Twitter

Trump threatened NK on twitter and according to twitter that is a violation of their terms of use. Here is what it says about hateful content.
Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.
Examples of what we do not tolerate includes, but is not limited to behavior that harasses individuals or groups of people with violent threats; wishes for the physical harm, death, or disease of individuals or groups; references to mass murder, violent events, or specific means of violence in which/with which such groups have been the primary targets or victims; behavior that incites fear about a protected group; repeated and/or or non-consensual slurs, epithets, racist and sexist tropes, or other content that degrades someone.

3. Petition to retain trees along Derby Road, and Braddon Avenue, Urmston

The results of this petition will be directed to the Tree Unit, Trafford Council.


The Council have stated that they have canvassed a small area of households regarding the removal of the said trees.

This petition claims that the initial canvassing was flawed and ought to be more inclusive. This petition is aimed predominantly at other people in the immediate area that the initial limited analysis overlooked but also at widening the canvassing to others who have a genuine interest in ensuring the Council operate in the best interest of the people they serve.

It is important to note that the Council are planning to remove the said trees (amongst others) should the initial canvassing of householders result in a majority vote to remove them. Those who do want to keep them may not have voiced their opinion and this petition serves to highlight that, according to a recent discussion with the Council, the majority have stated to remove the trees. So, don't expect the Council to do nothing and should you wish to keep the trees you must acknowledge so to the Council.

The Council have stated that they will consider a number of factors when assessing the removal and future maintenance of trees. Trees significantly damaged from lightning strikes for example are understandably at risk. It is worth highlighting the said trees are not diseased. They are large. The large canopies drop leaves. Bird droppings and sap can fall from them. This petition does not believe these are worthy reasons to remove large, significant trees that provide great character. The pavements and roads have been damaged by the roots but only patch repaired. There appears no structural damage to property from the roots.

The underpinning belief of this petition is a balanced one but a belief that trees offer a huge amount to our environment, the quality of the air we breathe and the quality of our urban landscape and street character; something which history has shown has given Urmston it's attractive leafy urban residential characteristic and reputation.

This petition understands that trees can be problem - that's evident from time to time but the petition calls for the Council's management of them to allow for a gradual implementation plan around our streets and not an immediate cull. This petition insists that removal of a tree must be a last resort after all other options are exhausted and only after replacement trees have been given adequate time to establish themselves such that the character of the streets are retained as much as possible.

In direct relationship to this petition please identify your location and relevance to the trees on Derby Road and Brandon Avenue.

4. Support : don't stop our bus, (removal & changes to 8 and 9)

From September Arriva are changing the bus service 8 and 9 it will no longer go around Hockley Road, Hedging Lane, Ninian way. Meaning there is no bus service for the people who work and live in that area.

A lot of elderly use this service so how are they going to get about? Disabled people how can they walk to nearest stop? And shops such as coop, wicks all will be effected by staff that cant get to work, even school children use the bus to get to school. It's going to effect lots of people in many different ways.

So please support this petition to help show Arriva we need the bus route to stay.

5. Recall Initiative, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Rance Preibus, Mitch McConnell, and Ted Cruz

The people of the Tea Party and ranking power members of power seats need to be removed. Why? Because the people of the USA need real leadership.

We do not need immoral people who give themselves great health insurance and pay.

6. Stop Rob Ford From Removing 5 Cents Plastic Bag Policy

Rob Ford is planning to remove the 5 cents policy for plastic bags. It's been proven that this policy has greatly reduced the plastic bag consumption, which helps the environment of the city.

It has been a great success, and we at St. Henry Catholic School do not believe that Rob Ford should remove this policy.

7. Legalize Bee Keeping in Orange County, CA. Anaheim & surrounding city's

When entire bee populations disappear or die out or are exterminated in large numbers, the ramifications are serious. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about one-third of the human diet is derived directly or indirectly from honeybee pollinated crops. Unless measures are taken to protect honeybees, many fruits and vegetables may disappear from the food chain.

Here in California honeybees are responsible for nearly half of our state’s $18 billion agricultural industry, pollinating 47 different nut, fruit, vegetable and forage seed crops. The American Beekeeping Federation estimates that about 50 percent of the honeybee colonies in California have been killed or severely weakened. Just to pollinate the current California almond crop (which accounts for 80% of almonds worldwide) requires HALF the United State’s bee population be trucked in. The number of managed hives in California has dropped to around 400,000 hives, so many farmers are resorting to importing bees from Australia at tremendous cost.

With the crisis of Colony Collapse Disorder, it’s never been so important for all communities—urban and rural—to promote beekeeping, and preserve those survivor stocks of our own honey bees. Legal in cities throughout the country—including Yorba Linda, Laguna Woods,CA. San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Portland, Cleveland, Detroit, and Tulsa, beekeeping promotes the natural pollination of plant installations by both citizens and governments. Cities have recognized that honey bees are not only essential to a thriving natural environment that includes farmland, orchards, urban vegetable gardens and city parks, but a key part in providing food security to all citizens. The swarming of a honeybee colony is a natural process of reproduction.† Feral, or unintended, swarming is common worldwide.† Normally, a swarm collector is called (from a local list or 911 operator) and the bees are safely removed from unsuitable locations and into the care of nearby beekeeper.† Even government sites such as Laguna Woods, CA. City hall's roof and Chicago’s City Hall and the White House’s South Lawn have honeybee hives!

The purpose of O.C. Honeybee Rescue ;

The County & City’s current policy of exterminating feral bees on city property goes directly against Orange County's & Anaheim's push toward sustainability and greater environmental responsibility.

In response to the current honeybee crisis, a honeybee rescue in the city would kill two birds with one stone by providing humane removal of feral “nuisance” swarms / Hives for urban dwellers, while supplying healthy survivor-stock colonies to surrounding farmers in desperate need of more pollinators.

8. Say No To Fluoride In Our Drinking Water!

We are extremely alarmed and angrily concerned about the fluoride that is being dumped in our water supply.

Fluoride is a known Toxin it has been identified as a toxin and is linked to various cancerous chemicals, studies have also shown that it does absolutely nothing for the teeth and gums and out of 1 in 3 children it's known to cause discoloration and irreversible damage to the teeth enamel.

In a major report written by the National Academy Of Sciences it states that toxic levels can lead to severe pitting of the teeth enamel in children. Fluoride can also build up in the bones to cause pain, stiff joints and skeletal abnormalities. Such findings are in alignment with not just a measly minority group of sceptics but is backed up by 600 world renowned scientists some of which have made their point and stated the obvious for the record in their professional opinion thus they made it very clear that any dosage of this vile chemical is inexcusable whether it is 1.5mm or 1.0 mm this is why most major bottled water companies such as Volvic and Evian do not dump fluoride in their water for their consumers. If it was so safe surely they would be placing fluoride in every single product.

We see this as criminally negligent and demand the immediate and complete removal of fluoride from our drinking water supply.

9. Remove vulgar and sexually explicit language from the WCHS curriculum

Wayne County High School is using curriculum (required/optional reading) that has vulgar language, "Adult" subject matter, and explicitly sexual language: "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini.

Wayne County School Board should remove "The Kite Runner" from curriculum use in any school (High School or below) as evidenced by this content:

P 7 men giving sexual gestures to a boy and using the word c**t
p75 homosexual rape of a young boy described in detail
p 77 "quick rythmic grunts"
p 78 describes blood on his pants and between his legs after the rape
p 89 g*dd**n
p 91 thinking about the rape "...droplets of blood staining the snow..."
p 92 g*dd**n twice on this page
p 178 f**king unfair
p 179 refers to women as meat and g*dd**n
p 179 f**k 'em
p 233 g*dd**n
p 256 an orphanage selling children for men's pleasure
p 269-272 describes in great detail a stoning during an intercession on soccer field
p 277 describes going door to door killing people in front of their families. Then the families were killed as well if they tried to drag them in so the dogs would not eat them (literally)
p 280 a boy is dressed as a belly dancer and made to perform for the rapist who then slides his hand "up and down the child's belly"--"Up and down, gently, slowly"
p 310 describes blood dropping from the seat of the boy's pants

10. Help stop the deportation of Cheryl Laws

Cheryl came to England in 2001 after giving birth to a little girl in Malta. She married the father who is English in 2001. Her daughter holds a full British passport. Cheryl split from her husband in 2006 and in late 2006 became involved with a man who dragged her into his dark world. She became hooked on cocaine and started, under this man's power and malign influence to sell the drug. In 2007 she was arrested.

In 2008 she was sentenced to prison with no recommendation for deportation. She now faces been deported back to the Philippines. Her daughter lives here with her father. who rightly will not let the 8 year old daughter leave the U.K. The government say that her removal would not interfere with her Articl 8 of the ECHR, right to family life but it does. No one disputes her guilt and her punishment is fair but does her daughter deserve to be mentally scarred by having her mother removed 8000 miles away??? No she does not!!! Do her new partner and son deserve to have their hopes of a family taken away by a government who needs to make their numbers count??? No... Cheryl has already had a full term still birth and miscarriage so her only child is needed and the mother is more importantly needed by the child.....

Please sign this petition and help stop this unjust deportation and the governments violation of her Human right to be a mum.

11. Destination Unknown - continued access to lifesaving HIV treatment

On 5 May 2005 the House of Lords delivered a judgment on the matter of ‘N’ ([2005] UKHL31). It ruled that deportation of a person living with HIV to a country where s/he was unlikely to receive adequate HIV treatment was not incompatible with their right to be free of inhumane treatment under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. In concluding their written judgment, the Lords made it clear that the Home Office can exercise discretion in deciding not to return such individuals to their home countries, but that if it decides on deportation, it will not be operating in breach of human rights legislation. The European Courts for Human Rights reinforced this position in May 2008.

In the view of a number of HIV advocates, this decision essentially authorises many HIV-positive people living in the UK to be removed to their countries of origin without access to lifesaving treatment.

The African HIV Policy Network (AHPN) believes that there is a clear contradiction between the UK's policy aim of universal access to HIV treatment for all those who need it by 2010 and the removal of people living with HIV who are on treatment to countries where treatment is not readily available or affordable.

The withdrawal of treatment increases the body's vulnerability to opportunistic infection and will result in drastically shortened life expectancy.

There are strong public health arguments for allowing a concession. Those awaiting removal may go underground and fail to keep appointments resulting in an increased risk of opportunistic infection with the need for emergency treatment and an increased risk of onward transmission.

The UK is a signatory to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Article 12(1) requires states to ‘recognise the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health’.

12. Remove Gaia Cash Requirements for Aquarium

When Gaia Online began a few years ago, they began their monthly collectibles as a form of donations for the site. Over the years, this concept expanded into Gaia Cash, which is okay with items like the Evolving Items and a few others.

However, now Gaia's newest feature, the aquarium, reuires Gaia cash regularly if you wish to keep it going and, quite frankly, it's just not worth it when the fish are about to die. And who's to say that zOMG! won't have premium content? Let's stop them before they get the chance.

13. Budget Ease for an Overwhelmed Community

Bridgeport, CT's Proposed 2009 Budget constitutes many changes and hardships for citizens in an already stressed community.

According to the budget, 43 newly civilianized staff that will operate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) even though though the budget has scaled back funding for public library services, eliminates 19 positions in the Public Health Nursing Program, eliminates the general fund school based program, dental hygiene and reduces the nursing staff by half, budgetary reduction of 1/3 of staff funding, reduction of 25 positions, eliminates 87 direct line positions and accounts. Budget calls for a 4-mill tax hike or a 9 percent increase in taxes. As far as education, 7.4 teaching positions are not funded in the mayor's budget, and 41 new positions could not be filled.

The budget allows to provide sanitation services including garbage collection, bulk trash pickup, leaf removal, and recycling to our residents. Beyond regular trash pickup, these additional services are by no means mandated, and they carry a cost of $6,545,327.

These costs could be reduced if residents would carry the cost of garbage removal.

14. Removal of Fema Trailor Parks

Eastern New Orleans is a place to raise families and escape the hassle of the city.

We want a community that thrives on success and to keep it that way in a NEW and IMPROVED Eastern New Orleans.

15. Petition for the Removal of the This or That Category

As members and participants of AnswerBag, our focus is to be on answering and asking thoughtful and potentially useful questions.

This newer category of This or That has allowed for cluttering of the site with questions similar to "Cows or Horses?". Such questions are not fleshed out and do little more than allow for point gauging of users.

16. Removal of Raised Power Lines

For Residents of 1177 Hornby St. "London Place" note the following reasons for removal:

1) Cost - Fee for BC hydro to cover or flag the power lines in order for window washers to clean windows. Fee has increased dramatically, and power lines do not serve the residents of 1177 Hornby.

2) Safety - People have climbed power poles to get to the top of the shared patio on the roof of 1177 Hornby. safety for both them and against theft. Also, safety for BC Hydro members who flag the power lines and safety for window washers of London Place.

For all buildings between the 1200 and 1100 blocks of Hornby and Burrard note the following reasons for removal:

1) Safety - Transformers have blown and have resulted in fires to the extent of fire department deployment.

2) The poles also narrow the alleyway resulting in garbage/Large trucks having a difficult time manoevering for daily activities.

17. Call for the Removal of Prince Harry from the British Army

Prince Harry will not be sent to Iraq, the head of the British army has said.

General Sir Richard Dannatt said the prince's deployment would pose an "unacceptable" threat to him and the men who served alongside him.

Clarence House said Prince Harry was "very disappointed" but will not be leaving the Army as a result.

If he cannot serve in a war, then why is he in the army?

18. Removal of Management Alternatives as the property manager

We are seeking the removal of Management Alternatives as the acting property manager for Great Neck Grove Condo Association.

According to Laura's simplified contract she can be fired with or without case so long as she receives 90 days notice. The request for firing of Management Alternatives comes from many complaints within the community. Issues that are emailed to Laura rarely get a response via email, even when asking for a reply. When responses are made and several issues were asked, usually only one or two of the issues are answered.

When I asked for a physical copy of the termite contract I received a copy of the bill and was told this is all we have. I have since learned there is a master copy with Terminex. There is no physical office for obtaining paperwork and to see someone in person. Emails and letters sent to Laura rarely if ever make it to the monthly board meetings to be discused.

I personally sent an letter about light sensors over a year ago, the board had no idea because Laura never brought the letter in. To this day I still have not received an answer, and the letter was sent in with the monthly payment. The reserves are completely and utterly inadequate and well below guidelines from the 2001 reserve study. While Laura may be fairly low priced, we need a strong and able property manager to set our Condo Association back into the right direction.

This petition is to be brought to the monthly meeting to have the board be aware of what the community wants to see happen with our current management.

19. Railroad Track Removal in Delaware, Ohio

We have had railroad tracks every year, and it is time for a change. The environment and our future is at stake. Trains not only cause pollution, but they are dangeous as well.

Trains kill people every year. They should not be running in our cities. Starting in Delaware, we will soon sweep around the world; Removing railroad tracks and liberating our planet earth from steel shackles.

20. Removal of Pine Forest Senior High School Principal

March 08, 2006

We the parents and residents of Spring Lake and Shaw Road sStudents are requesting the removal of Pine Forest Senior High School Principal, Mark Culbreth due to prejudiced remarks and comments made against the Spring Lake and Shaw Road students.

Mark Culbreth states that these are the students responsible for his low test scores and the students responsible for bringing elements of gang activity into his school.

21. Removal of Anthony Lee, Steve O'Hara and John Adshead from the New Zealand Knights Management

February 26, 2006

The New Zealand Knights dismal on field performances are not only put down to players, but to people who sit in positions of power.

John Adshead, Anthony Lee and Steve O'Hara have ultimately destroyed the New Zealand Knights as a footballing franchise. Not adherring to promoting the chances for New Zealand players to play in the A-League, yet choosing to pick 14 of the 20 squad members from overseas, which is too much for a New Zealand based club.

Lee and O'Hara should not be at the club as it is obvious they have no experience in running a football club, and they both hail from backgrounds completely irrelevant to help run a successful football club.

Adshead's managerial performance of 1 win, 3 draws and 17 losses in the inaugural A-League season was disasterous to say the least, and I (as a football fan), as well as many others believe it is in the best interests of the club that John Adshead, as well as Anthony Lee and Steve O'Hara should be removed from the New Zealand Knights Football Club in order to send our club forward, rather than continue in a downward spiral destined for failure.

22. Remove Seating Facilities for Concerts at S’pore Indoor Stadium

February 7, 2006

This is a Petition to request for action on the removal of seating facilities for Rock & Pop concerts (S'pore Indoor Stadium).

I attended my very first rock concert in my teenage years. In my opinion, it was one of the best concerts that ever took place in S'pore. The energy exuded by the 1000+ fans were truly an amazing sight. It was a METALLICA Concert & at that time, they were one of the hottest Metal Bands around (& they still are!!).

Although I absolutely enjoyed the unforgettable event... but what disappointed me utterly was the inclusion of seating facilities. I was extremely surprised (or rather, Shocked!) that there actually were seats for a Rock concert. What a Travesty it was.

The seats were absolutely redundant & a major obstacle for the fans to have a great time. For Goodness sake... this is a ROCK Concert. Nobody will ever seat down during a Rock Concert.
I really do not comprehend the reason for placing seats in the main arena. I did not pay $150 to seat down at concert events. Apparently, everybody were not utilising the seats at all.
The fans were either standing or using the seats as standing-stools (including myself & my friends).

In 2001, I attended the COLDPLAY/TRAVIS Concert. The concert was excellent, but the seats (again!) were a major disappointment. Then there were also ushers demanding fans to take their seats. This is unacceptable as those at the rear will not be able to see their favourite band perform because the fans in the front were standing up & obstructing the view.

Hence, those fans behind have to stand on the seats to enjoy the concert & get their money's worth. The concert tickets cost over a $100 each & i bought 4 tickets for my friends so we would have a enjoyable night.
However, we were deprived of having good clean fun.

I understand the need to have seating facilities for shows/films, theatrical performances & plays as i do attend these events as well. (eg. Cirque du Soleil, Cabarets, etc )
Nowadays whenever there are any concerts (like the upcoming Franz Ferdinand & OASIS concert), i would think twice about spending money to attend the event where i have to mandatorily take a seat to enjoy the concert.

I'm very sure many others out there would share my exact sentiments.
Thus, I write this petition to appeal to the authorities & organisers to remove the seating facilities for all Rock/Pop Concerts in the future.
I always believe this action will undoubtedly please all fans & concert go-ers.

Furthermore, more eager fans would not hesitate to buy tickets to see their favourite artistes/bands perform.
This will definitely be a win-win situation.

The cost of setup would be lower as there will be significantly less maintenance of the seats & manpower to arrange the seats prior to the event.
Please do your part & sign the petition to put a halt to all these unreasonable decisions to place seats in the arena.

Kindly send this petition to all your friends & relatives who believe in this cause as well.

On completion of the signature inputs, this petition will be sent to all relevent authorities pertaining to concert events organisation. (Ministry of Information & The Arts, SISTIC, etc). Thank you very much for your kind & generous support.

Yours Sincerely,
Kenneth Fan Kei Lim

23. Removal of Property Manager, 220 Mobile Estates North El Camino Real, Oceanside CA 92054

The current property Manager should be removed for Incompetent and Unfair decision-making against legitimate tenants of the 220 Mobile Estates Family Park property, in Oceanside California.

Said property manager has engaged in unfair/unjust decision-making and incompetency.

24. STOP The Removal of The CROSS and BLOOD from Soul Chasers Prayer & Outreach Center

HELP SAVE OUR CROSS AND ARTWORK depicting the BLOOD of JESUS. Soul Chasers Prayer and Outreach Center has only been open in Amarillo, Texas since May 1st, 2005. We completely renovated our building which we lease from the San Jacinto Masonic Lodge No. 1330, the Masons welcomed our Christian Evangelistic Ministry with open arms.

The Master of the Lodge gave his approval on behalf of the Lodge for the placement of the Cross on the roof. In addition approval was granted for the painting of the cross on our back door. The Master of the lodge in agreement with our Lease gave us full aproval to paint the outside of the building and create signs and artwork.

The only sign on the building which is on the front wall, consisting of a flat plywood board, was painted in red paint with "JESUS SAVES" written on it. On the corner of the building and directly under the rooftop cross our artist painted red blood flowing down the side of the building. Written inside the red paint are different quotes, concerning the Blood of Jesus, such as "The Blood of Jesus Sets you Free".

Upon completion of all the outside artwork the Master of the Lodge advised us to cease from any further painting, as members of the lodge had complained about the blood artwork. They found the Blood artwork to be disturbing. The Director of our organization contacted the City of Amarillo Code Enforcement Department to obtain what rules, regulations and laws pertained to all the work done during the renovation of the building.

Per the City of Amarillo, no permits were needed for the artwork, as it is not considered to be signage under city ordinances. String lighting (Christmas lights) were placed on the border of the roof outlining it in white lighting. The Cross was lit up with red christmas lights. These lights are not regulated by the Code Enforcement Department and are not considered to be electrical work which normally needs permits and inspections.

On August 15, 2005 Six months into our lease we received notifcation from our Landlord - San Jacinto Masonic Lodge No. 1330, that they wanted the Cross removed from the roof, the Cross removed from the back door. They found the lighting on the cross and roof to be a hazard (in their opinion) and therefore disconnected all lights.

They demand immediate removal of all artwork painted with red paint on the outside of the building. The sign and the artwork of the Blood of Jesus. They state that their membership voted on the issue and want it all removed. They state that it violates the Grand Lodge laws which prohibits the Lodges from placement of any signs or emblems denoting a particular religion.

We are in full compliance with our lease agreement. During the renovation and placement of the artwork and crosses the Master of the Lodge and other members were involved and get informed on a daily basis. They consistly gave their approval for all our work, citing we had done a wonderful job and they were very pleased to have us as tenants.

In addition, the supplied equipment such as ladders for us to place the cross on the roof, and to install the lighting. The Master was constantly encouraging us to paint the outside of the building (since it was in poor condition) and told us to paint whatever we wanted. Furthermore, we had even negotiated with the Lodge about possibly renovated a large historical murial on the North wall of the building, which had started to peel and fade.

We presented them with plans of painting a depiction of Jesus Christ surrounded by drug addicts, prostitues and homeless people. The Master of the Lodge stated we had his approval.
Upon consulting with City Officials and our Attorneys, we our in full compliance with the law and followed proper procedure for approval per our lease agreement.

We therefore refuse to comply with the demands for the removal of these items. In addition, we request your support in standing with us on this issue. The Masonic Lodge is only offended by the Christian emblems of the Cross and the Blood of Jesus, because they despise both and teach against them.

The members of the Masonic Lodge are the only individuals that have made any negative comments about our artwork. The cross and the Blood artwork have drawn the comments and attention of every person that frequents sixth street in Amarillo, Texas.

We have been overwhelmed with compliments from all types of people from various faiths, beliefs and backgrounds. The cross and the Blood Artwork have become the Outreach's Identity as it is located on Historic Route 66 amongst Antique shops, biker bars and clubs. We will stand strong for the CROSS and we Proclaim once again that THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

We will not back down from what we belief is our right and priviledge to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, the Death on the Cross, the atonement of our Sins throught the Blood of Jesus and by his death we obtain Salvation, and through Jesus only, not by works or by any other human means.

We are justified and washed in the Blood of Jesus. Satan ! Masons ! You are defeated in Jesus Name and we proclaim Victory so that the Lost may be Saved.

25. Removal of management team at Kilmarnock Football Club

The supporters of Kilmarnock Football Club who have signed this petition wish for the removal of the manager at Rugby Park, Jim Jefferies.

There have been polls on this issue run on unofficial fans' sites - all of which show overwhelmingly that the fans' wish the manager to leave.

The most recent polls gave the following results:

17th February 2005 - 86 Supporters polled

JJ MUST GO 59 (68.6%)
UNDECIDED 19 (22.09%)
JJ MUST STAY 8 (9.3%)

3rd March 2005 - 196 supporters polled

JJ should GO now 131 (66.84%)
JJ should stay 65 (33.16%)

There is also a poll being run currently which started on 10th April 2005 - this can be viewed at:

The overall results will be known towards the end of next week, however 52 supporters have been polled so far and the results at the moment are:

JJ Must Go - 49 (94.23%)
JJ Must Stay - 3 (5.77%)

Many supporters felt that despite their personal views, the manager deserved support until the target of a top 6 place was no longer achievable. Now that Kilmarnock are unable to get into the Top 6 - most feel it is now time for him to leave - and feel the manager could leave with integrity intact if he were to do the decent thing and resign from his position. If this were not to happen within the next fortnight - the fans wish the club to take the appropriate action and relieve the manager of his duties at the club ASAP.

Discontent has been growing among the fans since the Christmas period, but the 3-1 defeat by Hearts in the Scottish Cup was the last straw for many.

The clubs own target of a top 6 place has now not been met for the past 2 seasons - this is simply not good enough. The fans realise that there are financial pressures put upon the management team and the club as a whole - which is constantly being cited as a reason for our poor run of results - but feel that the current position is unacceptable. Aberdeen, Motherwell and Hibernian all work with small squads like our own - mostly made up of young players - and they all have financial restrictions put upon them also - however all of these teams are sitting above us in the SPL - so having a small squad of young, inexperienced players is no longer a viable excuse - especially as this squad have largely been together now for the past 3 years.

The manager has been in charge now for three seasons and things seem to be getting gradually worse. We have an extremely talented young squad of players - but unfortunately the management team is not currently getting the best from them.

The following shows a list of where the club has finished in the Premier since 1997:

Season 97-98 4th
Season 98-99 4th
Season 99-00 9th
Season 00-01 4th
Season 01-02 5th
Season 02-03 4th
Season 03-04 10th
Season 04-05 8th

Jim Jefferies first full season in charge was 2002-03 - when we apparently "over-achieved" - despite having finished in the top 5 in 4 of the previous 5 seasons. Since then manager has totally changed the squad and it is now 'his' team - we have finished 10th last season and are currently sitting 8th - however on current form could quite easily finish 10th or 11th.

There are many reasons why we think this action needs to be undertaken straight away - however we have tried to keep this factual rather than resorting to too many personal opinions - as that would not give a true opinion of the full fan base.

Kilmarnock have lost support every year for the past five years. From an average of over 11,500 in 1998-99 to an average of under 7,000 now. The average attendances are only going in one direction at the moment and many fans feel that attendances will not rise until a change of manager is implemented. Many fans have openly stated they are unhappy with the current management team and will not return to Rugby Park at all until this changes - no matter how well the team are doing.

We have started this petition in order to show our feelings towards this situation in a peaceful manner - HOWEVER - if the fans' opinion is not taken seriously and a change of manager is not implemented very soon, a more organised approach in the form of protests before and after home matches shall be taken. Many fans are voting with their feet at the moment - and to ignore the club's most loyal customers is going to see the attendances slump to a new low not seen for over a decade.

With survival in the SPL looking likely and being in the 'bottom 6' - the fans feel as though there is very little left to play for this season but pride. Unfortunately 6 points from a possible 30 in our last 10 SPL matches is simply not good enough - and if this sort of form continues we may yet get dragged into the relegation dogfight - which is why the supporters feel a change must be made NOW. In our last 12 games - we have only achieved 2 wins and 1 draw - with 6 of the 12 matches being played at home. During these games we have only kept a clean sheet ONCE, and have failed to score in 6 of these games. In these 12 matches - we have conceded 21 goals and only scored 10 (3 of which were scored against dundee united - which was also the only game in which we kept a clean sheet - against the bottom side in the SPL).

To reiterate - The supporters of Kilmarnock Football Club who have signed this petition wish for the removal of the manager, Jim Jefferies.

If you wish to show your support for this petition - please fill in your details and please give your correct email address so that your support can be counted (we need the proper email address in order that your support can be digitally signed - please check your junk mail folder if you think you have not got an email). Obviously it is better if you include your home address also - but we have kept this optional as we realise not everyone is comfortable in giving out this information.

This petition will finish on the 24th April - thanks in advance for any support. Please feel free to send a link to this petition to the club in order that they realise this has your support.

26. Wester Sunset's Current Board of Directors be Dissolved

Strong concerns for the board's effectiveness and dedication for the betterment of the community as a whole.

The resignation of Sean Martin, treasurer, after being presented with misconceptions of an ongoing issue.

27. Abolish Compulsary School Uniform

We (the majoraty of students at the school) think that there should be a removal or a change to the compulsary uniform rule, therefor we have started this (and other) petition(s) to show support for this.

The reason for this is for freedom of individualaty which we feel has been taken away from us and we would like a change.

28. Removal of Shannon Morris from Postmaster of Springhill La 71075-9998

We the people of Springhill, LA do knowingly ask for the removal of Shannon Morris due to his lack of concern for the community and unwillingly working with any of the people in the Springhill community to resolve issues in the timely delivery of the mail and not working with the people to resolve problems other than telling them to call the 1-800 number.

Also the safety of the postal carriers are another issuse when there is no dog spray in the office for protection against stray animals. Mr. Morris also leaves his Post Office and
doesn't work but about one to two hours
per day or returns to the office on a
Sunday because he doesn't have to deal with Clerks or Carriers. What he is doing is trying to stay away from people because of his lack of communication skills. He has
been in this office only 10 months and has run off or made the staff so ill that they have had to seek medical Psychiatric help. He is rude to anyone he talks too and even told a lady of great standing in the community that she was a liar and turned away from her and left her standing in the
Post Office with her issue unresovled.

29. Bring back Joe Scully to Neighbours!

We, Neighbours fans of the world, are extremely upset about the sacking of Shane Connor, and the subsequent removal of his character, Joe Scully from the show. We would like to see him brought back to the show as soon as possible and an apology issued to Shane and the fans.

30. McCoy Road Maintenance & Repairs

McCoy Road, located West off Industry Road near the intersection of State Route 224 in the Township of Randolph, Ohio is not a designated road. It currently is sometimes maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation. The condition of the road is poor & nearly impassable. Snow removal by ODOT is almost nonexistent.

Residents of McCoy Road have taken the responsibility of snow removal upon themselves in order to enter and exit their homes. It has now come to the point where children attending the local school district, Waterloo, have been denied transportation due to the poor conditions of the road, therefor, resulting in the distribution of this petition.