#Roads & Transport
Portage County Commissioners
United States of America

McCoy Road, located West off Industry Road near the intersection of State Route 224 in Atwater, Ohio has been declared a State Route. It is currently maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation. The condition of the road is poor. Snow removal by ODOT is nearly nonexistent. Residents of McCoy Road have taken the responsibility of snow removal upon themselves to be able to enter and exit their homes. It has know come to the point where children attending the local school district, Waterloo, have been denied transportation due to the poor conditions of the road. Therefore, resulting in the distribution of this petition.

We, the undersigned, petition to have McCoy Road designated as a county road to be maintained by Portage County. In addition, petition to the board members of the Waterloo Local School District to require they provide door to door transportation to the students residing on McCoy Road, as past practices have dictated.

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