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Nickelodeon Studios

As with any show, there are lovers and haters. However, I am one of the haters. Unfortunately for spongebob, he's on the wrong end of the media gun.

Spongebob has plagued the airways for long enough! This show MUST BE CANCELLED as soon as possible.

The show has no meaning, the main character is commonly mistaken for a piece of cheese, the show itself is a nuisance to the United States! Let japan try out this show.

Hey, we had to take pokemon.

We, the undersigned, wish to inform nickelodeon of the intellegent manuever they are aiming for.

Removal of spongebob would definetly free up time for QUALITY shows. In favor of all those whom like the show, release a DVD of all the episodes made.

Spongebob's removal off nickelodeon was the best thing to happen to that show.

Thank you for your understanding.

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