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1. Clean Up JCP

As of December 19 we associates at JCPenney are making a plea due to inequity in task demands with direct relation to the most senior associate 0856 - referred to, heron, as Hanan.

We, additionally, are citing her inappropriate conduct, and offensive behaviors, as reason for our plea to remove or transfer her from our department.

The tasks referred to above include refusal to maintain a clean and organized stockroom, while utilizing the room, in addition to not maintaining display organization standards on the sales floor, while selling. Disorganization occurs only due to customers removal of shoes and their understandable ineptness at replacing them.

This task load is most often placed upon the other employees (ourselves), often of later shifts. The rule at JCP is for each associate to clean up after his or her own customers', replace the boxes to their specific locations in the back room, and to restore neatness to ALL displays used in the associates own shift--hence, the reason for establishing commission incentives for shoe sales!

Furthermore, Hanan has made it impossible to discuss the issues with her directly. Interpersonal behaviors demonstrated by her have been of extreme negative value to ourselves and Family Shoes at JCPenney. These negative behaviors have included rebukes, insults, use of insensitive religious references, manipulation of new and longstanding associates and their commissions. These are considered considerably egregious acts by all fair standards.

Our repeated, verbally presented, requests to management and other supervisors have gone unheard.

2. Legalisation of drug USE in New South Wales.

This petition is for the conditional legalisation of recreational drugs. Please read then sign. There is a printed written version of the petition, which I have signed. Thank you.


The petition of certain citizens of New South Wales

State that:
* Recreational drug use has not been stopped or solved by punitive measures.
* Recreational drug use is a health issue, more than an issue of Law and Order.
* Recreational drug USE is not and never has been an issue of morality. (Matthew 26:27-29)
* Chemical purity recreational drug tests are available to the general public for commercial sale.
* Recreational drug use has become a cultural and social emblem of individual identity. (e.g. tobacco and alcohol.)
* Recreational drug users can maintain and facilitate constructive and professional employment, and otherwise lead normal, healthy, pro-active lives.
* There should be a responsible use of fear in our society.
* Through sound and legitimate communication, guidance, support and education, young people should be encouraged to take responsibility for the repercussions of their actions, and faith, self-confidence and courage in making their own decisions.

Your petitioners request that the House
* move for the legalisation of drug use. Under the following provision of successful application of a Recreational drug health test from a registered Medical Practitioner. The test could include tobacco and alcohol. Successful applicants would be given a "prescription" to be given to a registered chemist/pharmacist, thus regulation preventing overdose and assuring quality control. The unsuccessful applicants would be referred to appropriate counselling support groups for hospitalisation and treatment. All the collated data would be sent to the appropriate administration for scientific medical and authoritarian research. Anti-social behaviour could also result in a probationary application period.

3. Sports Car GT2 (SCGT2)

There has been a faithful following of the game "Sports Car GT" published by Electronic Arts & designed by ISI (likely the best racing sim designers when it comes to physics) for over 3 years now.

People all over the world are still discovering (and purchasing) this great game for the first time as is evident by posts on related forums. These forums are buzzing on a daily basis with talk and praise of this game 3 years after it's release. This should give anyone an idea just how this game was so ahead of it's time in physics and innovative coding.

PC Gamer magazine said it was "almost broadcast quality" in their review of SCGT. We agree!

The entire SCGT community has been faithfully waiting for an SCGT2 to be put together by Electronic Arts for quite some time. We feel a company like Electronic Arts who has been in the forefront of racing arcade/sim games has an equal obligation to its sim racing fans that it has shown towards its arcade racing fans in its NFS series.

Other racing series sims which may have somewhat of a larger following than GT racing, although much appreciated, have been (in our opinion) so overly produced and reproduced for so many consecutive years that they have become almost monotonous... until "Sports Car GT" came along.

We would hope that EA Sports can see that although this series may not produce the volume of sales that other series may produce, is a still very much a contribution to the whole. Many people who prefer true racing sims, will almost certainly have more than one sim game. But if those racing sim games all represent the same series differing only in the series year, sooner or later people will stop buying just to get a new car paintjob because some drivers in the year changed teams. Ok, and maybe some minor physics/modeling engine enhancements.

In our opinion, ISI (Image Space Inc.) not only captured the sensation of the GT Racing series, but also created a physics/modeling engine way beyond it's years in performance, stability, and visual game play.

We would hope that EA Sports could realize the submersion factor that ISI has managed to bring to SCGT and the interest of EA's customers in having a sim that reproduces the GT series well (as SCGT does), and requests ISI to create a follow up to this great game and give it's faithful followers and newcomers to GT Racing an SCGT2.