Dollar General
United States of America

Dollar General has a new business plan, infest into smaller cities and overwhelm them with a Dollar General store on every corner of the city. About 3 or 4 stores within 4 square miles is average.

That's not "progress" that's over flooding the market. Not to mention they are putting the stores up in residential neighborhoods.

They are buying up small lots in residential neighborhoods and rezoning the lot commercial if necessary. Then they are building about 8 - 9,000 square foot buildings infesting into neighborhoods.

This petition is to tell Dollar General that we don't want your stores in rural residential neighborhoods! Put them in retail strip malls where they belong! One is being fought in Medina, OH where the dumpsters are about 30 feet form residents bedroom windows and retail/commercial traffic will now be coming in and out of this small residential establishment.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Dollar General! This kind of business practice will guarantee your companies failure long-term.

They sneak into town quickly and quietly and before you know it one morning you wake up to construction equipment out your bedroom window. Watch out, your neighborhood could be NEXT! They are on the move putting up 700+ stores a year.

Stop putting your stores on lots that abut residential homes and neighborhoods.

We don't want your dumpsters 30 feet from our bedroom windows. Put the store in retail shopping areas where it belongs!

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