#Family & Friends
The right Honorable Tony Blair
United Kingdom

WHY do we allow our judicial system to continually fail to protect our

WHY do we not have adequate laws in place to remove the thousands of
KNOWN pedophiles from our communities, and thus offer at least SOME
protection to our children?

WHY do those that hold poltical power continually refuse to
implement Sarah's Law?

WHY are the 'civil rights' and 'freedom' of those that prey upon our
children deemed more important than the children's themselves?

WHY are those who by their own actions put themselves outside the
rules that govern a supposed civilised society deemed worthy of ANY
rights civil or otherwise? Their very actions constitute a
relequishment of such rights.

WHY is the punishment for those guilty of these horrific acts not
commensurate with crime?

WHY, when we know that there will be other children, do we allow the liberal 'apologists' to determine the agenda re: the
reintroduction of the death penalty for such acts? Their generalised
arguments significantly fails to acknowledge the advancement in
forensic science, and hence conclusive proof of guilt.

WHY do we not have a national, specialised police section, trained to
deal specifically with child abduction and paedophile activity?

WHY do we KNOW that the lives of yet MORE innocent children will be
taken and families destroyed, while the powers that be continue to
shirk their CIVIL and HUMAN responsibilites, giving us all the
right 'soundbites' but ultimately doing NOTHING

The Government is elected by the people to act on their behalf. We now Demand that they act and put in place laws which will protect our children and punish those who harm them. For too long many of us have been re-active now its time to get Pro-active and fight for our childrens' freedom - the loss of innocence is the worst thing we can do to a child ..lets stop it NOW.

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