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1. The BUSTER'S MINUTE Promise

Every once in awhile, a story comes along that is meant to be told. The love that Buster and Yashar represent so beautifully, through their pictures, videos and Yashar's courageous voice, what we all share with our best friends.

Buster and Yashar were much more than best friends. They had rescued each other many times in their 7 years together, and then, Buster’s life was cut short by the villain, cancer. As Yashar takes the walk he used to share with Buster, a clear thought formed, “I have to spread mine and Buster’s message, to treasure each day and find time to make more memories, because, on a day much too soon, everyone that shares their life with a dog, will have to take that lonely walk.” He records and shares his message with The American Bulldog Facebook Group, a group of friends who loved Buster and were grieving his loss.

Friend, after friend heard Yashar’s recording, and were inspired by their message of love shared through time spent together. From this group an idea was born, Buster’s Minute..

HOW DOES BUSTER'S MINUTE WORK? It is as simple as making a commitment to your loved one and honoring it. Yes, you have to say it out loud. "I promise to give you 1 more minute of quality time, every day of your life, in Buster's honor". Then you do it! That promise can be kept in a million different ways.

Can just 1 minute really matter? In just 1 year, a minute a day will add over 6 hours of time with your loved one.What an amazing gift for us all to enjoy.

The “Buster's Minute Promise Petition" is a tally to follow how many have made the promise, and how many dogs and their humans lives are changed from Buster and Yashar’s message!

A Buster’s Minute page is coming soon, where you will be able to view people and pups from all over the world, sharing their Buster’s minute. You can even share your very own, Buster’s Minute with see you and your best friend, either by video or still picture!

Are you ready? Now it is your turn! Will you give your best friend 1 more minute a day?

Just follow the pictography below to become a proud member of The Buster’s Minute Movement... and don’t forget to sign the petition!

The BUSTER'S MINUTE Movement begins!

2. Mayor must keep transparently his promise to improve WEZ air quality

Clean Air in London wrote to the Mayor of London on 3 December 2010 saying it was considering suing him over the air pollution consequences of removing the western extension of the congestion charging zone (WEZ). The Mayor had estimated that some 30,000 vehicles per day would return to the area if the WEZ was removed.

In response, the Mayor has promised that air quality in the area formerly covered by the WEZ will be improved relative to 2010 as a result of mitigation measures he would take. The WEZ was removed on 4 January 2011.

There is a serious risk that one or more of the three monitoring stations that measure and report local air quality will be closed making it difficult to assess the situation.

You may wish to sign the petition because you live in the area formerly covered by the WEZ and are worried about your health or that of your children or, wherever you live, just because you want the Mayor to keep his promises.

More details can be seen on the Campaign for Clean Air in London's website and the London Air Quality Network. Clean Air in London is the legal entity responsible for the Campaign for Clean Air in London.

3. It's About Time

We were promised properly resourced quality nursing/midwifery services
- Public Sector nurses and midwives across metropolitan South Australia are taking action because the State Government has failed to deliver on its promise to support positive and resourced quality nursing and midwifery services.

It’s about time that these resources are delivered
- A promise was made, in February 2007, to provide more nursing and midwifery staff for direct clinical care so that other nursing and midwifery staff (including Level 2 and 3) could spend time performing activities that have an important impact on patients.
- Since this time, we have repeatedly requested that the resources be provided.
- To date, we have not been provided with a response or timeframe.

It’s the time we need to provide quality patient careThe failure to resource quality nursing/midwifery services has a negative impact on patient care. Failure to meet the promise means that less time is available for important work including:
- Quality improvement
- Infection control
- Rostering (ensuring adequate and appropriate staff on shift)
- Clinical teaching supervision / support of new staff
- Professional / knowledge development and resources
- Co-ordination management and planning.

We have exhausted all other options to make the State Government deliver
- Because we have not received a response, we are taking action so that the State Government will provide us with the resources we need to provide quality nursing/midwifery services.
- We regret that we have been forced to take action, but we are taking action because of our commitment to the community and your health needs.
- We ask for your patience and support in our campaign – this is a campaign to ensure the community gets quality nursing/midwifery services and that’s why ‘It’s About Time’.

4. Petition Congress To Make A Breach Of Contract With Military A Felony

This petition is written due to the controversy concerning the U.S. Appeals Court decision Allowing Dr. Mary Hanna, a Boston-based physician to legally breach a contract to serve in the Army as a medical officer on the grounds claiming that she is a conscientious objector.

Dr. Hanna accepted fully paid medical education scholarship from the Army and in exchange for receiving that scholarship signed a contract and gave her promise to give 8 years of service to military even after being given a promise by the Army that she would only be ordered to serve on staff as a physician in a military base hospital in Texas, she still refused to report to active duty.

5. Sign the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Pet Promise!

This petition, originally published in August 2006, has been republished as of today's date: September 19, 2013.

We are petitioning America's pet owners to remind them of everything that is required to be a responsible dog owner.

The AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise, created to bring the spirit of AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day to life and adapted from the AKC Canine Good Citizen Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge (, reminds us that raising a happy and healthy pet is more than just playtime and pampering.

For more information visit

6. members' protest

*Please list your E-Mail address that you registered with for contact purposes*

We the members of protest the recent treatment in the distribution of tickets. As part of membership to the website, we were given the promise of access to tickets to your show. This promise of access fell far short. Not enough tickets were allotted to members, while more than enough were allotted to ticket brokers.

We believe that U2 and should make amends to the membership by either providing an additional presale for members, with enough tickets for all, or by refunding the $40 to each and every member who was unable to benefit from the presale.

All who agree should respond to this positing and sign on. Enough responders might actually send a message.

7. Keep the Promise to the Coal Miners

In 1946 a promise was made by Congress to the coal miners, as a direct result of the sweat and blood of generations of coal miners whose toil carried this Nation through war and peace, through the Industrial and the Technological Revolutions.

A promise of cradle to grave health care that manifested itself into the 1992 Coal Act. And a promise made in 1977 to coalfield citizens and communities as a result of the ravages of past abuses, and on the souls of the 118 individuals who perished in 1972 at Buffalo Creek in Logan County, West Virginia.

A promise to reclaim their devastated landscapes, to return their land to productive uses, and to protect their health and safety that is part and parcel of the landmark Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.

The Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program has been a success. Unlike the Superfund, this program has a track record of real, on-the-ground progress in restoring lands and eliminating health and safety threats. And since 1992, through the transfer of just the interest which accrues to the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund to the Combined Benefit Fund, it has provided health care for tens of thousands of elderly retired coal miners whose former employers can no longer be identified.

The nexus is there. The welfare of abandoned miners and of reclaiming abandoned mines, you see, go hand in hand. To date, the promise has been kept.

Yet, in June of 2005 the fees assessed on the coal industry which finances this effort expire.

If legislation is passed it will keep the promise to some 50,000 retired coal miners that their health care will continue uninterrupted.

Recently the passage of such legislation has shown dire importance, especially in the states of Kentucky, West Virginia and Illinois where On Aug. 31, 2004 in Lexington, KY, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge William Howard finalized the decision allowing Horizon Natural Resources to file bankruptcy, thus voiding union contracts providing health care coverage for nearly 3,000 employees, including 2,300 retirees -- many of whom suffer from black lung as a result of their working years at Horizon. For many of these miners their only hope for health care coverage will be the passage of such legislation.

I urge you and your constituents to move promptly and vote for the passage legislation that would KEEP THE PROMISE TO THE COAL MINERS and to fully understand that thousands of coal miners and retirees futures are hanging in the balance of your decision.

Coal miners and their families, along with countless others who support those miners, will use this issue to evaluate your commitment to working families in America. I await your prompt response.

8. Build The Locker Rooms at T.R. Hughes ballpark

This is a petition that has come about as a result of the lack of action on the part of the city to build adequate locker rooms for the professional minor league team in O'Fallon, Missouri.

Point 1. Part of our agreement with the Frontier League to secure the Rascals was an agreement to provide adequate showering and changing facilities for both the home team and the visiting team. Currently there is not even a restroom which is alloted to the visiting team, let alone showering facilities.

2. The City agreed to build the locker rooms as a part of the original agreement with the ownership of the River City Rascals organization and has failed to build those facilities.

3. Currently the home team must change and shower in a woefully inadequate trailer behind the right field wall. This facility is not only a blight to the city and team, but is a source of difficulty for the team to recruit the league's best available players.

4. The City points the finger at the Rascals for reasons as to why the facility is not built and the team has pointed back at the city. This is childish on both parts and it is time to put aside the bickering and get the facility built.

5. The city agreed to build the facility last year at the same time the 'St. Charles County Hall of Fame' was built on the grounds and once again defaulted on their promise.

6. The Rascals have proven to be a source of great pride and revenue for the city of O'Fallon with thousands of persons from outside the city visiting each summer and infusing tax revenues to the city of O'Fallon in the form of taxes paid on refreshments, souvenirs and tickets prices.

9. Get BuffBlackBoy to update his Story

Dear BBB, we really LOVED your post about that Japanese chick that came over...

However we'd REALLY love it if you could update us...Seeing as to how there were no updates I took the liberty to make this petition because EVERYONE wants to know what is happening (almost like the GOOD soap opera...)

So from me, ammar85 and the rest of the boards

PLEASE UPDATE US!! We promise no Spam if your thread too!

10. Tell the Liberals to Protect the Endangered Species

The Canadian government's continued failure to protect endangered species violates Canada's international obligations and ignores the will of Canadian citizens, says a new Greenpeace report released today.

The report, entitled Wipe Out: The Liberal Government's Plan for Endangered Species in Canada shows how Canada is failing to live up to its international word by failing to protect endangered species. Canada first committed to protect species and their habitats at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, but has failed to keep its promise, even though 97 % of Canadians support strong endangered species legislation (Pollara, May 1999.)

Its latest Species at Risk Act, Bill C-5, is currently before Parliament and has been harshly criticized by environmentalists and scientists as insufficient.

'After three tries, the Liberals still don't get it. You can't protect species without protecting their habitat and Bill C-5 doesn't do the job', said Tamara Stark of Greenpeace. Bill C-5 violates Canada's international obligations and in the process, does the impossible: makes Brian Mulroney look better than David Anderson.

Stark noted while Canada, under Brian Mulroney, championed the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the Liberals have failed to fulfill any of their commitments to the CBD. Canada is hosting an important CBD meeting one month from now in Montreal and, based on the work done to date, will have little progress to report at this meeting.

More than 1,300 scientists from across North America recently urged Prime Minister Jean Chretien to take immediate action to strengthen the endangered species legislation, a requirement of the CBD. Three critical changes needed are to:
1) Require mandatory protection of all critical habitat of species considered at risk;
2) Ensure that scientists, rather than politicians, maintain responsibility for selecting what species are listed at being at risk; and
3) Ensure that the legislation applies to both federal and provincial lands, since the current legislation will apply to only 5 per cent of Canada's landbase.

'By refusing to make the changes needed, David Anderson is betraying Canadian species and violating the trust of Canadian citizens,' Stark said. 'It's time for Prime Minister Chrétien to step in and ensure that Canada keeps its promise to protect this nation's species.'