Mayor of O'Fallon , Missouri
United States of America

This is a petition that has come about as a result of the lack of action on the part of the city to build adequate locker rooms for the professional minor league team in O'Fallon, Missouri.

Point 1. Part of our agreement with the Frontier League to secure the Rascals was an agreement to provide adequate showering and changing facilities for both the home team and the visiting team. Currently there is not even a restroom which is alloted to the visiting team, let alone showering facilities.

2. The City agreed to build the locker rooms as a part of the original agreement with the ownership of the River City Rascals organization and has failed to build those facilities.

3. Currently the home team must change and shower in a woefully inadequate trailer behind the right field wall. This facility is not only a blight to the city and team, but is a source of difficulty for the team to recruit the league's best available players.

4. The City points the finger at the Rascals for reasons as to why the facility is not built and the team has pointed back at the city. This is childish on both parts and it is time to put aside the bickering and get the facility built.

5. The city agreed to build the facility last year at the same time the 'St. Charles County Hall of Fame' was built on the grounds and once again defaulted on their promise.

6. The Rascals have proven to be a source of great pride and revenue for the city of O'Fallon with thousands of persons from outside the city visiting each summer and infusing tax revenues to the city of O'Fallon in the form of taxes paid on refreshments, souvenirs and tickets prices.

The City of O'Fallon, Missouri should make good on its promise to build adequate changing and shower facilities at the T.R. Hughes ballpark, home of the River City Rascals.

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