#Animal Rights

In the peel region of Mississagua, Ontario animal Abuse is considered a criminal act. Although the punishment is rather light why should someone who kills or seriously abuses an animal be charged with something as light as a $2000 fine or 2 years in prison. This is not enough. We the people who care about animals think this should be much more and would like to see this punishment upgraded so horrible acts of cruelty are not let off so light.

In a recent act of abuse 3 young men in their 20's and one girl in her teens were see carrying a defenseless female iguana towards traintracks and there they dumped her and ran. When the witness ran over to the injured iguna
they noticed thermal burns on the neck! In the peel region of Mississauga, Ontario where this horrible act happened it is a crimanl act. Sadly the offenders haven't been caught.

If you like many would like to see the punisment raised for people who have abused animals please sign! Also If you don't live in the peel region contact your local Humane society and tell them that you think punishment for horrible acts are too low! NO MORE CRULTY TO ANIMALS!!!!!!!!

We, the undersigned, want the punishment for cruelty to animals in Ontario which is only 2 years prison or $2000 fine to be raised. With such low punishments people don't care. Well we'd like animal abusers to see we mean business!

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