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I think that people arrested for marijuana use should not be placed in prison with murderers, rapists, arsonists, and theives. The only crimes these people are committing are against themselves. Now drug DEALERS, that's a different story, especially if they're dealing more harmful drugs than cannibus. These sleezeballs should be put in jail with 300 pound men named bubba who haven't had a 'friend' in a while. Anyway... first of all, i think marijuana should be legalized, but since it's not, i think that people who are arrested for marijuana use should be put in their own jail. Where, as Dennis Miller puts it, they can sit around on the floor and watch cartoons or play hacky-sack all day. Because what they did wasn't hurting anyone else. They are not committing crimes against humanity. It's like cigarette smoking; it's their decision and they're only hurting themselves. Please support my petition!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putting marijuana users in a different jail, away from the hardened criminals, where they can just be by themselves. Because they weren't hurting anyone but themselves in the first place.

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