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If you have children, imagine your life without them....

Imagine you have always wanted children and then are told one day you can't conceive. Then imagine, they say you CAN have a child. Your own, there is a way. BUT..... they only way to make this happen is to PAY. Imagine you don't have that kind of money.

Now what do you do? SUFFER, because our government doesn't care and will not help you. You can always adopt but that costs 20,000 and up and the waiting list is usually 2 yrs or more.

Approximately 13% of Canadian couples experience infertility and are not able to conceive a child.

IVF is a medical procedure that allows fertilization to be done outside of the body. It has been carried out since 1978 to help couples have children. OHIP coverage for IVF will be extended to those Ontario residents with documented evidence of completely blocked fallopian tubes. Such coverage provides for a maximum of three complete IVF treatment cycles in a lifetime, At about $7000 each.

Do you know.. The BC government will PAY FOR YOU TO GET A SEX CHANGE. Thousand of dollars too.... But if you are infertile and want to have a baby and live in ALBERTA you are out of luck, unless you have an extra $10,000 lying around. You have to be an Ontario resident to have this covered by health care. It is absurd that the government will spend millions of dollars on cloning research, but will not actually help people with a MEDICALLY DIAGNOSED problem so they can start a family of their own. We did not plan to become infertile, just like you dont plan to get in a car accident, or fall off a ladder at work but those things are covered.

Please sign the petition and help so many women that are in desperate need of funding to have a chance at experiencing motherhood. What we are here to do naturally.

We, the undersigned, as citizens of Alberta, and of Canada feel there is a need for infertility insurance coverage, to help those couples who are desperately trying to conceive but are left with no hope of ever having children unless they are very wealthy, or have wealthy families who can pay for such needed treatments.

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