#Street Cleaning & Sidewalk Cleaning
Ed Redskin, Department of Public Works
Marin Street Below Third

Although we are a commercially zoned area, many transient people live on neighboring streets and in encampments. As a result our streets and gutters accumulate human waste, urine, needles, used condoms, hair, clothing, vomit, oil spills, paper & plastic debris.

Because the storm drains are clogged with trash we also have as much as a foot of standing water throughout the winter months.This all Results in a horrible public health hazard and a burden for the businesses owners, workers, and delivery couriers.

We need regular mechanical street cleaning as soon as possible.

We, the undersigned, call on the Director of Public Works and The Bureau of Environmental Services to add regular Mechanical Street Cleaning and Pressure washing to Marin Street between Illinois and Third

We understand that to successfully sweep our streets, residents, workers, and business owners must move their cars for schedule street cleaning. We hereby request signs for “No Parking for Street Sweeping” be posted. We understand any vehicles that are parked in the restricted area during the posted hours will be ticketed.

We also understand that a 2/3 majority in the prospective posted area is needed to have the area considered for posting, and that our names and addresses will be verified by the City of San Francisco Public Works Department.

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