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Home Owners
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As a PA fishing license holder we spend a lot of time, money, and energy to be able to fish. Sometimes driving 2-4 hours to get to a stream or river that is stocked to only be told we can't fish because of a land owner. We pay Pennsylvania to be able to fish Pennsylvania waters and should be entitled to unless otherwise posted by the fish or game commission. We pay tax on all of our gear, tackle, bait, and licenses and should be allowed to fish the waters that we pay to fish.

Not being able to fish Pennsylvania's streams and waters that are posted by a LAND OWNER even though we pay for a PA fishing licence to fish PA waters. They own the land but NOT the waters and should not be able to control who fishes them by posting "posted or "Trespassing" signs. We are tax payers just like they are and should have rights as well.

Change the regulations and "laws" for "posted" and "Trespassing" signs to allow fishermen with a valid PA fishing licence to fish the waters in PA they pay to fish.

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