#Human Rights
Congress & State legislatures
United States of America

Feb 17, 2004

Many places in this country don't allow gay marriages. It's not a big deal. People are living the way they wanna live! Isnt that freedom!?!?! I thought we lived in the United States?? So why is the government banning gay marriages ? That isnt freedom!! Thats Descrimination! Thats like saying people of opposite races cannot wed.

Its all the same! We are all our own person! Why should the government be able to descriminate against homosexuals? It goes against what the United States really stands for. They havent given us the same rights as everyone else. They are singling us out. And destroying our legal rights as Americans. We have freedom of religion. There is no freedom of sexuality.

If someone decides to choose the the path of being a homosexual it makes them No different then anyother person walking the streets today. A persons choice of sexuallity is NO ONES business but their own.

They should be the ones to choose whom they spend the rest of thier life with.

We petition to gain the right of marriage for all gays/lesbians and bisexual people in the USA.

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