#Animal Rights
The Federal Government of Australia

February 4, 2004

Most puppies and kittens sold in pet shops are bred in 'mills' where dogs and cats are kept in sub-standard conditions and continually bred until they die.

Cute puppies and kittens displayed in pet shops cause impulse purchases of animals who are then dumped when people realise the time, cost and responsibility of caring for a pet. The RSPCA received approximately 133,000 abandoned in 2002/03, and this figure is at least doubled when the many overcrowded animal shelters all over Australia are factored in to the equation.

To the elected Members of the House of Representatives assembled in the Australian Federal and State Parliaments:

The undersigned petitioners request:

a) a ban on the sale of animals from retail outlets;

b) a ban on advertising that uses the display of animals or their pictures to promote impulse buying;

c) that the sale of animals be restricted to qualified registered breeders and pounds;

d) detailed information on responsible ownership provided before sale, including an animal's expected lifespan, growth, dietary and exercise needs, and the cost of ownership and;

e) compulsory de-sexing of all animals before sale.

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