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Vanity Fair Corporation


Recently the VF Corporation that manufactures brands such as Lee, Wrangler, Bestform, Lily of France, JanSport, Eastpak, North Face, Jantzen, Red Kap and many others(http://www.vfc.com/pages/leading_brands.asp) decided to lay off approximately 1,800 workers from their factories in El Paso.

These factories are the last of the garment industry on the El Paso side of the border-- leaving a capable and experienced workforce jobless, with no benefits, no time for transition and little hope of finding other jobs. It is a workforce primarily composed of women, who due to discriminatory corporate and state practices do not fit the "retraining prototype".

There is reason to suspect Vanity Fair intends to close these factories completely (http://www.vfc.com/pr/pr73.asp). This means the VF Corporate plan will eventually leave five thousand families of Mexican origin without economic support, and at the same time take advantage low wages in Latin America. Faced with no other opportunities, the workforce on the U.S. side of the border will likely be forced into sweatshop conditions.

However, Vanity Fair workers in El Paso are not voiceless. They are fighting the "political system". They have also formed committees in the different Vanity Fair factories to negotiate with the Corporation. So far the corporation has ignored their requests. Because there must be corporate accountability, they urgently ask for your help.

Please sign their petition boycotting Vanity Fair Merchandise until a more just plan can be agreed on. The public must unite its economic and political strength to demand justice.

We ask that VF Corporation consider a more just plan for their workers in El Paso. We are not otherwise willing to buy VF merchandise. / Pido a la corporacion VF que considere un plan mas justo para sus trabajadores en El Paso. No estoy dispuesto a comprar su mercancia bajo diferentes condiciones.

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