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1. Make Backwards Compatibility Converter For PlayStation 4

Millions of PlayStation fans want a PlayStation 4 Sony Brand Backwards Compatibility Converter that has a disc drive and has a USB plug to connect to the PlayStation 4.

What I want this machine to do is have it be able to read every PlayStation 1 games, PlayStation 2 games, PlayStation 3 games, and Music CD's by a burnt copy of the game and music CD, a mixed music CD, and The real physical copy of music CD's and games.

I also want the machine to allow you to import songs from your CD on your hard drive.

2. Keep Evolution Studios alive

Sony decided to close Evolution Studios, the Developer of Drive Club. This likely means that Drive Club will also die (Since it is a strong competition to Gran Turismo).

Please Sign this Petition to show Sony that we love the work of Evolution Studios and want them to continue their great work on Drive Club & Drive Club Bikes

3. Move all Call of Duty's to New Age Consoles

Please support bringing last generation Call of Duty games to the new age consoles.

For so long we have been holding on to our old generation consoles to be able to play these great games given to us by different game developers and companies but it's time to move Foward but what if we can move Foward and bring our old generation great pastimes into the new age. Please support us into making this an achievable goal!

Thank you.

4. PSN live chat in the UK

A live chat for PSN in the UK.

5. Offically backed options for importing/translating titles would you buy?

Over the years, I have come across many instances of publishers not releasing titles in my area or in my desired language. Obviously, as a business major and entertainment industry experience I understand some of fiscal reasoning behind such decisions. However, as a fan this is unacceptable and I would like to attempt to do something about it with everyone's help. The idea is to find a way supported by the publisher and fans alike.

Depending on the success of this project, I will be branching this to out to other entertainment mediums (anime, manga, movies, music and events).

6. Removal of all offensive items from Target Stores in Australia

The background for this petition is simple: Target stores in Australia have removed something that 40,000 people think is offensive and should not be in the public realm because they have a problem with the content. That is ok, it is their right to think the way they do and we should all fight for everyone's right to say and think what they want to say and think.

However, this has gone too far. Adults have now been denied the ability to buy something from a store, because it offends some people. Ok Then. This petition hopes to reach the same goal of getting something off the Target shelves that makes no sense what so ever and get national coverage and also make people aware of their rights.

This is a rising issue in our society, that women are starting to be placed on a high horse because the media shows all men as being bad and violent.

Many women reading this will look to their husbands of boyfriends and think: I don't see him as being bad? And that is right. Only a few men are bad and violent and these should be locked away because hurting any person is a crime.

The rights of all humans, not men or women, humans, must be the same if there is to be gender-equality. I should be able to get the same job as a woman and a woman should be able to get the same job that I have.

This petiotions main goal is to raise awareness about the growing gap between the the public-rights of men and women, the latter being given more weight. (Public rights being the moral high ground of every woman no matter what her goals or intent are). I am not saying women should have less "say" or men have more "say", but all people should have the same "say" in any topic.

Please sign and help get national coverage for this topic, before equality between men and women becomes a real topic/problem for us all.

We are talking about a video game, a virtual experience and marked for adults! Many people see these games as art and we all know, at least we should, where and when art was censored (Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia as an example).

If children come into contact with these games, it is the guardian's fault. Or we could just say: A child picked up a beer from a table because it is curious? Well let's ban all alcohol - and idiotic premise.

Thank you for reading.

7. EA to make Burnout 3 HD

Burnout 3 takedown is possibly the greatest game EA games has ever published. EA is notorious for ignoring fan outcry on HD remakes, but this is uncalled for.

A port of this game to current or last-gen would be incredibly inexpensive and minimally risky for physical or digital release. Millions of global fans want this game to play again in enhanced glory.

8. Make a Lego Scooby Doo video-game!

Lego games are great fun, and who doesn't love Scooby Doo?

9. Urbz: Sims in the City 2

The Urbz: Sims in the City was an absolutely amazing game which was a nice touch away from the traditional Sims games, where the player was an 'Urb', a Sim-ish character that travelled around the urban city and gain a reputation.

Also, there was a nice touch from a small appearance from the Black Eyed Peas.

10. Keep supporting older games on new platforms

We wish to see console manufacturers maintain support and backwards compatibility with previous or current generation gaming systems.

11. Grand Theft Auto Trilogy HD

Grand Theft Auto was probably your favorite game at one point, as for millions of others. Hopefully this petition will catch the eye of Rockstar Games, and they may start a Grand Theft Auto Trilogy HD (For PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, ect.) so we can re-live these amaizing games.

12. Tenchu ​​must return


The market is satured of generes that are too bored. we need that the series Tenchu gone back with the players. So far we have only imitations of theese game that big moments made us feel in the past. Really the fans and the public in general will be grateful that these proyect can become in a reality.


El mercado está saturado de géneros que ya cansan, necesitamos que la saga Tenchu vuelva a los jugadores, hasta ahora no han habido más que imitaciones de dicho juego que grandes momentos nos hicieron sentir en el pasado, realmente los fans y el público en general estará agradecido de que este proyecto pueda convertirse en una realidad.

13. Playstation: allow PSN sub accounts be upgraded to master accounts

All minors wishing to create a PSN account must create a sub account under an existing master account. This sub account lacks many useful features including the wallet, and thus can only purchase items using the master's.

There is currently no way to upgrade a sub account to a master account, so all sub account owners must either stick with this lesser account forever, or create a new master account once 18+, losing all downloaded content, trophies, etc. in the process.

14. Minecraft On PS3

Notch WAS thinking about making it on the PS Vita, but that got canned.

So maybe, If we get enough signatures, Minecraft will be on PS3.

15. Bring GTA 5 to Manchester

GTA has been in a global phenomenom for since 1997, it has featured locations based on New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Not to mention smaller locations such as Chinatown, New Jersey and London in 1969.

The time has come to inject some international flavour to the series by bringing it to the United Kingdom and more importantly Manchester.

16. Dedicated Servers for CoD: Modern Warfare 3 on game consoles

While the PC gaming community has for years taken dedicated servers in networked games for granted, the console community has not had this luxury to nearly the same extent.

Instead of players connecting to dedicated servers that take on the responsibility of hosting networked games, where latency is reduced significantly, and only other limitations can affect online play such as a game’s net code. Consoles typically connect on a kind of host/client network architecture without dedicated servers as hosts, where latency is a much larger concern and can affect gameplay drastically. Some major limitations, such as network bandwidth, restrict this kind of host/client architecture from working efficiently.

With all the fan support, and huge profits generated from the Call of Duty franchise, it would not be a financial concern for Activision (one of the largest game publishers) to provide dedicated servers to the console gaming community, as well as the PC community.

17. Bring Sonic Adventure 2: Battle to PSN/XBLA

Ok, most of you know that recently, Sonic Adventure came to PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade for purchase (If you didn't then get on your PS3, XBox 360 and buy it, it's bloody epic). But I think that Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle should be released, as (in my opinion) it was a lot better than the first one.

It had better graphics, more fun gameplay, and even a better Chao Garden! And on Battle, you could unlock Heaven/Hell gardens! Let's face it, it was a hell of a lot better. Also, you could add more features like a "Chaos Garden" (a rumour that was never true but would have been amazing if it was), an extended story, a deathless mode for chao garden and, of course, trophies. Personally, I think that this would make you a lot of money and a lot of sonic fans very happy.

18. Save Baysixty6 Skatepark

The Westway Development Trust are seeking planning permission to turn the area the skatepark is situated, under the A40, into a garden centre and office space. Their reasoning behind this "The Skatepark does not serve needs of the local youths".

We are setting up this petition to encourage Kensington and Chelsea Council not to allow planning permission and save Baysixty6 Skatepark.

19. Let PC and PS3 gamers play on the same server in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE

As the new DC Universe Online game nears it's release date, SOE has confirmed their decision to separate servers that would allow both PC and PS3 gamers to interact with one another.

This decision would have a huge impact on the gaming community in that players utilizing their PCs would be segregated from those playing with a PS3 impeding them from meeting other gamers within the game or joining them in missions.

20. Forza MotorSport for PS3

If you do not have money to buy an Xbox 360, or space to get a new console, or simply do not like the Xbox 360, and on the other hand think the Forza Motorsport 3 magnificent game, why not join this cause?

21. Get Sony to create a PS3 mini app market

The PS3 could do with more applications, like Facebook support for example. This petition calls for the following solution to this problem; it calls for a Software Development Kit to be released free to the general public where people can easily create mini applications for the Playstation that would run inside an Application Manager program created by Sony; an app market to allow people to download the many applications that would be created, and this would be moderated by Sony themselves who could check applications much in the same way as Apple do.

22. Sony Inc. should Buy Zelda

This petition is about buying the popular game Zelda from the Nintendo corporation. If enough people sign I will send the petition to the chairmen Sir Howard Stringer.

They hopefully will make the decision to buy the game for Sony play station from the Nintendo Corporation.

23. Speak Out for Gitaroo Man 2!

Gitaroo Man (ギタルマン) was published for the Playstation 2 by KOEI in 2001. It was re-released in North America in 2002, and became a huge smash hit for the rhythm genre of gaming in 2005.

Its different style of art provided by 326 along with catchy music composed by COIL make it a fun and enjoyable experience to play.

Unique games such as Gitaroo Man, with music composed specifically for the game with a diverse variety of different outcomes for each song, and a bright cast of characters and settings are far and few in between. So why should we let this one go?

24. Fix The Playstation Trophy Syncing

Ever since update 2.40 (2.43) with the trophy updates people have been eagerly waiting for some trophy games. Now at least every person who has a Playstation 3 have got a least one trophy game.

Now I like to compare trophies with my fellow PSN buddies. But I can't at this momment in time since there is an error. Please fix it.

25. Pantera on Guitar Hero!

Pantera was one of the most popular metal bands around, and they had an amazing guitarist, known best as Dimebag Darrell. He was shot on December 8th, 2004 and killed.

Guitar Hero has put 1 song by Pantera, out of all the games they have released. "Coboys From Hell" and that's not really the best guitar song to have by Pantera.

They have neglected songs like "Walk," "Cemetary Gates," "Floods," and a bunch more!

26. New Playstation 3 Feature

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to put the friends you play with most into a separate category or group from those you hardly play with at all?

Maybe you are a leader of a clan and you'd like to separate your members into grouped Ranks? Or literally any other combination of categories or groups. Anything would be possible if this were made into a reality.

27. Call for Fair Pricing on Sony PS3 console, games & accessories in Australia

In Australia the current RRP (recommended retail price) of the 80GB console is $AU699.00. If we compare that price to what our fellow gamers in the United States - $US399.00, I'm sure you'll agree that we are not getting a fair deal in Australia on PS3s. Somehow we are incurring an 'Aussie Tax'!

Using a FAIR $US/$AU exchange rate of $0.70 (70c), we should only be paying $AU570.00 for the current 80GB model. In reality, we as a country are only being valued at $0.57 (57c) compared to the US dollar. (399/699 = 0.57)

The exchange rate at what Sony Australia values us as a country has actually worsened since launch of the PS3 console. The 60GB console in the US was $US599.00, whereas in Australia we had a RRP of $AU999.00, an effective exchange rate of $0.60 (60c). An absolute injustice at the time, our fair pricing situation in Australia has actually worsened by 2c since the newer 40GB model was released!

Current PS3 Games also have a 60c exchange rate (somehow!), using Metal Gear Solid 4 as an example, the US RRP is $US59.99, whereas in Australia, we have a RRP of $AU99.99.

As well as the Console & Games, Accessories also have an Aussie Tax! A common Dual Shock 3 controller is priced at $US54.99-59.99 in the US, whereas in Australia, they're priced between $AU89.99-99.99!

EDIT: in light of recent Aussie Dollar fluctuations, i've changed our target price drop value to $AU599.00

28. Save Resistance: Fall Of Man In The United Kingdom

Recently, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has been under fire from the Church Of England for featuring Manchester Cathedral in one of their Playstation 3 games "Resistance: Fall Of Man".

The Church Of England has threatened legal action unless something is done to solve the problem, the simplest one being the removal of the game from the shelves. The reason they are doing this is because they believe it to be insensitive to feature Manchester Cathedral because of gun crime in the city of Manchester.

Personally, I feel this is an unfair justification, considering how many movies, books, television programmes and other forms of entertainment show the same (or worse) degree of violence or unacceptable content in other, equally crime-filled, cities around the world. I myself am a Catholic but think videogames earn unfair prejudice when it comes to more "adult content".

29. Give IGN Direct Feed Of PSP!

If the world were free of tragedy, would be your number one source for direct-feed video footage of Sony Computer Entertainment's new handheld gaming system, the PlayStation Portable. But, despite the best efforts of all involved, this glorious, hi-res video was not to be made available to the service at any means.

Won't you please help? All it takes is just your voice -- you have the power, and you have the responsibility.

PSP ... Direct Feed Video ... Because even Reggie would kick some ass for that.

30. Help low down Playstation 2 Prices!

Playstation 2 is by far one of the greatest video game console system ever made. Features like a DVD player and 128 bit graphics make PS2 a force to be reckoned with. Everyone wants to own one, but with the increase in prices, not many people can afford it. The retail price is now $199.00, that still isn't cheap enough to afford it. So make the right decision and sign this petition, together we can help low down the price.