Sony Computer Entertainment, Public Relations Office

If the world were free of tragedy, IGN.com would be your number one source for direct-feed video footage of Sony Computer Entertainment's new handheld gaming system, the PlayStation Portable. But, despite the best efforts of all involved, this glorious, hi-res video was not to be made available to the service at any means.

Won't you please help? All it takes is just your voice -- you have the power, and you have the responsibility.

PSP ... Direct Feed Video ... Because even Reggie would kick some ass for that.

We, the undersigned, are duly impressed by the PlayStation Portable handheld gaming system. We have only known it for a short time now, and already, we can't get enough of it. In the interest of the PlayStation fanbase, the videogaming community, the children of the world, and our own personal necessity, we would like to formally ask Sony Computer Entertainment to please deliver this video footage to IGN Entertainment. Then, and only then, will we be satisfied.

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