KOEI Corporation
United States of America

Gitaroo Man (ギタルマン) was published for the Playstation 2 by KOEI in 2001. It was re-released in North America in 2002, and became a huge smash hit for the rhythm genre of gaming in 2005.

Its different style of art provided by 326 along with catchy music composed by COIL make it a fun and enjoyable experience to play.

Unique games such as Gitaroo Man, with music composed specifically for the game with a diverse variety of different outcomes for each song, and a bright cast of characters and settings are far and few in between. So why should we let this one go?

We, the undersigned, request that KOEI provide their massive fanbase a continuation of its beloved game, Gitaroo Man.

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The Speak Out for Gitaroo Man 2! petition to KOEI Corporation was written by Amanda Roy and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.