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1. Pass Bill C-393 now and save lives

The acceleration of globalization of the market over the last
three decades, greatly facilitated by the expanding
influence of neoliberalism in international economic politics,
has advanced the internationalization of pharmaceutical
research and has influenced the ways in which it is market,
researched, and developed. In lieu of all the benefits they
bring, the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest companies
face a battle between the goals of corporate wealth and
public health. A small number of corporations have come to
dominate the research agenda and operate in a system
which the relentless pursuit of profit takes priority over
public good. While the majority world suffers because they
are deprived of essential medicines and die of neglected
diseases, people in the minority world still benefit. The
reasons for lack of access are diverse and complex, but in
many cases the high prices of drugs are a barrier to needed
treatments. Prohibitive drug prices are often the result of
strong intellectual property protection (‘t Hoen, 2002). The
devastating consequences of implementing patents on
pharmaceuticals and the influence of the market on
prioritizing research and development has led to a
perpetuation of global inequality.

Thousands die of preventable or neglected diseases like
malaria, HIV or tuberculosis every day (Albright et al.
2005). The reason why not enough attention is called to
the matter is because the people who are dying are too
poor to command it. If the same situation was found in
developed countries it would most likely be lead news every
day and they would be devoting serious resources to
finding a cure as fast as possible. As it remains, just 10%
of the world’s research and development on health is
targeted on diseases affecting 90% of the world’s people
and sadly, of more than a thousand new medicines
developed over the last 25 years, just 1% were specifically
for diseases of tropical countries (Albright et al. 2005).
Similarly, it is Western Europe, North America, and Japan
who make up 80% of the world’s pharmaceutical market
where as Africa is 1% (Robinson, 2001). The people who
need the most drugs are the people with the least access
to them. Therefore, they go without. Little money is to be
made in the developing countries that suffer from disease
pandemics. Therefore, they get neglected.

It is clear that the current state of modern medicine and
the pharmaceutical industry is not well. It needs an
accurate diagnosis and appropriate course of treatment.
The remedy to reversing the effects of the symptoms can
be achieved; it will be a challenge but it must not be

2. Bring back our medical consent rights

I and many others suffer with type 1 brittle diabetes and mild Autism. I am seeing others suffering because of the pharmaceutical, even being forced by stupid and evil laws into Vaccines, behavior control drugs, prozac (used in probably many school shooters), now laws forcing Chemo, and laws helping the pharmaceutical companies but hurting and permanently damaging the people.

These pharmaceutical companies need to stop this and start making medicines to prevent and cure problems instead of causing them for more profits and turning our hospitals into primitive suffrage bases. Just because people are desperate to survive doesn't mean they should get more health problems, DNA Tampering and be forced into playing so much for medical they never really needed but are forced into it.

3. Support the Physician Payments Sunshine Act!

Evidence shows that the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends an increasing amount of money marketing products direct to physicians: at least $25 billion in 2005 (more than double that spent in 1996).

Published evidence clearly shows that marketing spending shifts doctors toward higher cost and sometimes less-safe drugs.

94% of physicians have some relationship with the pharmaceutical industry.

Consumers and taxpayers pay through the increased cost of drugs.

Disclosure of industry marketing will help reduce soaring drug expenditures, protect the public, and restore trust in the medical profession.

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act introduced by Senators Kohl and Grassley on January 22, 2009, would require all pharmaceutical and medical device companies to publicly report gifts and payments to physicians who receives more than $100/year. Payments that would be disclosed include gifts, consulting payments, speaking contracts, and travel, and would be published in a publicly accessible online database.

4. Growth Hormone should be placed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for GH deficient Adults

My name is Shiannon Corcoran and I am a member of the Australian Pituitary Foundation. I have a condition known as Panhypopituitarism caused by the removal of a Pituitary tumour six years ago. I now take replacement medication to stabilise my condition and stay alive.
My body no longer produces Growth Hormone, which is unavailable to me and other GH deficient adults on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme at present.
Growth Hormone is a very important hormone that is produced throughout adult life and studies around the world have shown it plays a vital role in maintaining health. A lack of GH causes muscle wasting and weakness, poor heart function - including degeneration of the arteries, bone and skin thinning, loss of vitality and reduced energy levels. In addition to greatly reducing quality of life, it also reduces life expectancy.
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee has recently rejected Government funding of GH therapy and other life saving medications. To obtain a supply of this drug would cost up to $25,000 per year for life - way beyond the reach of the average person. All we are asking is a chance to be able to lead a normal life that is not ruled by illness or pain, and function at normal levels - therefore creating long-term minimal cost to the Government.

5. Glivec should be placed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

Nicholas Poulos is 30 years of age with a wife and 20 month old daughter. Nick was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in the Chronic Phase in April Last year. Nick's only options for remission are the drugs Interferon, the new drug Glivec or a bone marrow transplant. As he has no suitable donor at the moment for a bone marrow transplant this is not an option.

Unfortunately Nick is intolerant to the drug Interferon as he suffered an extreme adverse reaction resulting in him being hospitalised.

This leaves Glivec as the only option unless a suitable donor is found for a transplant.

Glivec is only available under the Federal Government's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in the Accelerated or Blast phase. The accelerated phase is when the disease is developing more quickly. The Blast phase is the final stage of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia and patients in this phase would have only a matter of months to live.

Obviously we do not wish to wait for him to reach this stage. Currently the cost of Glivec is $4000.00 per month.

6. Make Bio-testing of all products law

Make Bio-testing (non-invasive, using state of the art technology) of all products used in and around our bodies, plants and animals absolutely compulsory. This would avoid the catastrophic consequences to humans, animals and plants of the widespread contamination by chemical,radiation, oil/petroleum, nuclear, pharmaceutical and biological agents.


There needs to be a new standard of BIO-SAFETY which simply means that anything that interferes with our oxygen uptake, heartrate, brainwaves, pulse and bio-meridian electric field and causes loss of capacity or downgrading of any of the above, should not be able to be sold without a rating of safety from 1 to 10, with 10 being the safest to all major body functions. The same should apply to animals, and plants, which can be tested for slowing of sap flow and lack of capillary response, just like human & animal blood flow, cortisol etc. Thermal imaging, simple medical instruments can be used to test this on an instant response basis. We DON'T need a five year, fund sucking 'scientific' study on safety to give us all the damaging exposures that have been sanctioned by these elitists, who have said 'this is totally afe', or 'this is safe enough to pass'. We all pay the price for their arrogant lack of care - why aren't their safe chemicals tested on scientist guinea pigs, diluted of course, just like our drinking water containing poisons, and ag. runoffs which are classed as safe. Remember that NUCLEAR pollution was pronounced totally safe by the American Academy of Science in the 1940's, and tobacco, and DDT, and Thalidomide, and thousands of others. We now have BSE because nobody bothered to bio-test animals for their body and systemic reaction to being fed manure mixed with chemicals and body parts of other (even diseased) species. Nature never ever sinned against any species in history, equal to the damage caused 'scientifically qualified' humans. DEMAND PROOF OF DYNAMIC BIO-SAFETY, NOT FIVE YEAR FARCES. Our planet deserves it and so do we.