All big pharmacies, police, and government officials that force people to take drugs by crooked laws
United States of America

I and many others suffer with type 1 brittle diabetes and mild Autism. I am seeing others suffering because of the pharmaceutical, even being forced by stupid and evil laws into Vaccines, behavior control drugs, prozac (used in probably many school shooters), now laws forcing Chemo, and laws helping the pharmaceutical companies but hurting and permanently damaging the people.

These pharmaceutical companies need to stop this and start making medicines to prevent and cure problems instead of causing them for more profits and turning our hospitals into primitive suffrage bases. Just because people are desperate to survive doesn't mean they should get more health problems, DNA Tampering and be forced into playing so much for medical they never really needed but are forced into it.

If you are outraged at people going to jail for refusal to take drugs, then help me get a law written and passed giving these rights and conditions:

(1) If a adult, or child who can at least talk or walk decides to refuse any type of chemotherapy because of the suffering that can be caused by it or it just makes you feel like you will suffer while chemicals go through your body you shall not go to any jail or have any punishment for refusing treatment from a doctor, only a few exceptions are vaccines only to stop active viruses that can kill millions of people and if quarantining it fails.

(2) Repeal all laws that decide what we do with our own bodies, we have a right to maintain our bodies without government intervention, anti-drug or pro-drug task forces.

(3) Give us the rights to explore alternative treatments and controversial cures for ourselves as long as we don't hurt other people.

(4) Make it illegal for any politicians, CDC Workers, FDA Workers, or any government or health and human services workers to accept any money from anyone working for pharmaceutical companies, ex lobbyists, or anyone who has connections to companies that have effects over people health.

The 4th one will prevent them from making any laws that will take away our bodies rights ever again.

If you are outraged or as angry and hateful of the Pharmaceutical systems as I am help me make the 4 sections of what I am saying a law so that we have a legal right to refuse vaccines for old or not dangerous flus, do research for better vaccines that will cause no problems but keep the Flu away, and give us a moral right to refuse any medical treatment that any of us believe may harm us or put us through more suffering and torture worser then death.

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