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1. Request to build and open Middle School at Slaughter and 1826 by Aug 2008

Parents who are petitioning to have the new middle school slated to be built on the corner of Slaughter Lane and 1826 put on the drawing board to be completed and opened for the 2008 school year.

There is no reason to delay this project, as the land is already designated and approved, the bond is approved and the number of students would already fill the school to near or at capacity.

2. New York students oppose Chancellor's regulation A-412

April 28, 2006

We, the students and people of New York City, are petitioning against a rule of the chancellors. [Chancellor's regulation A-412].

We are petitioning against this rule because some students are needed to bring they're cell phones because of emergencies, for they're parents to contact and check up on them, and if they get lost.

We the students find this rule needs to be revised because some electronic devices [ex. Mobile phones, MP3 players] are not harmful to the school and are not used to distract or disrupt the lesson in the classroom.

We request that you revise the rule in someway that is flexible and fair to the students.

3. E-democracy Australia, Online Petitioning

March 20, 2006

Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee Victorian Electronic Democracy, Final Report, May 2005.

Chairpersons' Foreward

The challenge and the opportunity provided by electronic democracy are providing the means by which the citizens can more fully participate in the decisions which affect their lives.

The key issue when evaluating the role of digital technologies for Democracy is how much Governments and Civil Society can learn to use the opportunities provided by the new channels of information and communication to promote and strengthen the core representative institutions connecting citizens and the state.

I believe that the subcommittee's recommendations, if adopted, will make significant improvement to the Democratic process in Victoria, enhancing the opportunities for the civic participation from the Victorian community and improving the policy making processes of the Government and the Parliament.


Recommendation 80. The parliament of Victoria should introduce an online petitions facility (on a trial basis), subject to ongoing evaluationas to the benefits offered to Victorians.

The Victorian online petition system should include a moderated discussion facility, similiar to that provided by the Scottish Parliament.

Recommendation 81. The Parliamentary Template for paper petitions should be amended to allow for optional collection of email addresses or other electronic means of communication, in order to allow the petitioner to receive information about the status and tabling of their petition from the parliament.

Queensland already accepts online petitions as legally presented petitions, therefore we humbly request that the rest of the Australian legislative assemblies and the federal parliment make electronic petitioning legal.

4. Coal Harbour Petition for Off Leash Dog Park

We are petitioning the City of Vancouver and the Parks Board for an off-leash park in Harbour Green Park (Coal Harbour). In the past three years, more than 15 residential towers have been constructed and occupied in this downtown core. Most of these buildings allow for dogs.

The official charter of the parks board was to have an off-leash area for every community within six blocks of their residence. The nearest one to Coal Harbour is more than seven plus blocks away and currently under review to revoke the off-leash privilege.

However, there has been no city planning or look into shared spaces for an official dog park in Coal Harbour with off leash areas.

We are petitioning for an all-year round, full time off-leash dog area in Harbour Green Park. We would like the area clearly marked as an "Off Leash Dog Park." We do not want the park near any children's park/play areas.

We would like the park area to be clearly signed and defined as a dog-friendly area. The space needs to be adequate to throw balls for the dogs, have a game of chase/tug.

The area currently has many garbage cans for waste and is central to all the new buildings that have been recently occupied. It is a fabulous dog area as it is not surrounded by streets/cars and traffic. It is located on the sea wall. For more than eight months out of the year, the park is empty - only used by die-hard dog owners who are out rain or shine.

Shared space and use of our parks is one of the most beautiful things about Vancouver. We appreciate that some people have fears of dogs (large or small) or worry about their children (or their toys) when dogs are around and by creating a separate and clearly marked space we can ally those concerns.

In many areas across the country, cities like Calgary and Toronto have defined processes and successful off-leash park areas for their dog population. Further, examples in California through to Philadelphia, PA demonstrate that when a group of concerned and responsible dog owners work for a leash free area, additional benefits result for both community and dog owners:
-increased adherence to dog licensing
-increased improvement in picking up after dogs
-increased sense of community, where people meet their neighbours
-happy dogs who have 'free' time to run and play

"...The daily dog walk gives people a chance to exercise, to be out in nature, to meet with others and to create a community. Dog walkers find friends at off-leash parks; they also monitor each other and spread the word about courtesy, clean-up and control. A strong argument in favour of creating off-leash spaces is that availability of legal off-leash areas cuts down on illegal off-leash use, making dog-averse people more comfortable in public spaces because there is less chance of encountering off-leash dogs in unauthorized places."

General Rules We Propose for the Off-Leash Space:
-Dog feces must be cleaned up
-Dogs must be leashed to and from the off-leash area
-Dogs need to be under voice or hand-signal control
-Dogs showing signs of aggression must be leashed or, removed from the park
-People should carry a leash at all times
-Dogs must be licensed
-Dogs should not interfere with wildlife
-Holes dug by dogs must be filled
-Barking must be monitored and kept to a minimum
-Female dogs in heat are prohibited
-Young children must be closely supervised and accompanied by an adult
-Owners will assume responsibility for their dogs and their actions.

This petition is not only for a dog park but also a commitment of the dog owners to create a clean, safe and fun environment within the determined space.

Please help us create a dedicated space that allows our dogs to have a place to run and enjoy their beautiful city.

If you would like to be more directly involved in our efforts, you can email We can update you on our next steps and see how you may be able to help out!

5. 3 strike law, better food and sleeping status in both men's & women's institutions

My Petition is Threefold - I am petitioning for the Govenor of California to appeal Proposition 184- the 3 strike law took effect first in Washington Dec, 1993 then in 1994 in California a mandatory 25- life sentence, which in My opinion is utterly ridiculous for it is exactly the old term a stiff sentence which does not prevent crime nor liberate anyone it just causes the institutions to be over populated, only way these men and women can be free from commiting crime is to have their heart and mind renewed in God, they need to be healed from the root cause of why they chose to commit such crime.

My second petition is that the Men and Womens' institution facilities would serve and prepare better food for the inmates, I've heard for over 2 decades now about the poor quality of meals served in these facilities and most of the time the inmates do not even know what you all some of the food now that's bad, they may have errored or accused of one against the law but their nature do not change, for they are still human beings who need proper nutritional meals for the body, My last petition is that something be done about the inmates having to sleep on the floors of the facilities and I came up with in Idea to implement against this problem which is addressed in another letter to our Governor of California and at this time this concludes My Petion.

6. Anti-WOAS

We are petitioning to stop from ever again obtaining people's member lists (other than the list of WOAS forum users) and having individual WOAS updates from being sent out to anyone who DIDN'T REQUEST THEM.

Also, all persons who sign should pledge to never use the WOAS forum. Anyone who signs must send their member lists. Just kidding!

7. Support for Tim Wolf

We, the undersigned, believe Tim Wolf was terminated without a fair cause. We are petitioning to show that the community stands behind Tim Wolf and we want him to continue being the City of Argonia Police Chief. He has worked very demanding hours and has done all that was asked of him, time and time again, to show his loyalty to Argonia, Kansas.
The Undersigned

8. Save Rocci

David M Rocci, 22, of Blacksburg, Va (AKA krazy8) is being charged with conspiring to import, market and sell circumvention devices known as modification (or "mod") chips.

Mr Rocci is to be sentenced 07/03/03 and may receive up to 5 years in prison and a $500,000 fine for each count, I am petitioning against his extremely high sentence as all he made from his years of piracy was $28,000 therefore why should he have to pay back half a million or over when people who murder get a sentence of fifteen years in jail or death, and Mr Rocci will basically spend his years from now if he gets a large sentence either in jail paying back his debt or doing community service, so therefore basically they have taken a 22 year old mans life for something that isnt really that big a deal except to money hungry people like Bill Gates, other than the mod chips, which I personally agree with him being charged for is a crime, where does it ever say that telling people that pirates exist is illegal, he never gave out the copies or distributed them in any way, all he done was told the public about them.

9. Get Peter Smith a Contract

Peter Smith was born to be a star! You only have to listen to his voice to realise that! Last year he narrowly missed being part of Ireland's very own Popstars Six so when he turned up on Popstars the Rivals many people couldn't believe that talent like his could be missed out on and boy did he show us by making it into the final 10 boys.
However tonight we were shocked when Peter came forward and told viewers that he was in fact 2 months too old to be in the group and therefore gave up his place in the final ten. What Peter did was incredibly brave and noble.
But his talent should not be missed out on, we are petitioning to make sure that he is signed up by a record company because no-one is more deserving than him! So spread the word and sign our petition.
Love Clare and Laura

10. Save The USS America

The USS America Museum Foundation is dedicated to all patriotic Americans and especially to all the men and women that have served proudly in the United States armed forces. A special thanks goes out to the sailors who served on the USS America, throughout her glorious 31 years of service to the greatest nation in the world.

The USS America helped preserve the rights and freedoms all citizens of the United States enjoy. The foundation is dedicated toward preserving the USS America and its long and proud history. The foundation is actively petitioning Congressmen and Senators and the Department of Defense to donate the USS America to the foundation for preservation as a living museum. This will give all Americans the ability to visit and walk through the greatest aircraft carrier to ever sail the seas. The Foundation is actively trying to acquire a port for the use of the USS America. However, the Foundation has recently run in to some problems with acquiring the USS America itself. The DOD has decided instead of allowing the Foundation to use the ship as a living museum, to sell her for scrap.

Please join the Foundation in writing your Congressmen and Senators, letting them know that you think this beautiful ship would serve this nation better as a living museum instead of scrap metal. If the Foundation cannot acquire the ship it will still actively try and preserve as much of the ship and its history as possible. It will try to obtain at least one aircraft of each type that served on the ship and as much other unique items that were on the ship.

11. Canonize Blessed Kateri

The cause for Blessed Kateri's canonization has been going on since 1943! She was beatified in 1980, but she's still not a saint! Please lend your signature by signing this online petition!

We would like you to join thousands of Catholic Youths in petitioning for the canonization of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. We the undersigned state our sincere hope to see Blessed Kateri canonized soon.

12. Tank Girl DVD protest

A petition intended to persuade MGM to give us a Tank Girl DVD with the ton of cut footage put back and some extras.

Although they have now released a DVD due to us we are now petitioning to get a special edition released with the cut footage back in its place and some extra documentrys and stuff which we know exsists!

The Girl you want!