#Human Rights
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Supreme Courts
United States of America

My Petition is Threefold - I am petitioning for the Govenor of California to appeal Proposition 184- the 3 strike law took effect first in Washington Dec, 1993 then in 1994 in California a mandatory 25- life sentence, which in My opinion is utterly ridiculous for it is exactly the old term a stiff sentence which does not prevent crime nor liberate anyone it just causes the institutions to be over populated, only way these men and women can be free from commiting crime is to have their heart and mind renewed in God, they need to be healed from the root cause of why they chose to commit such crime.

My second petition is that the Men and Womens' institution facilities would serve and prepare better food for the inmates, I've heard for over 2 decades now about the poor quality of meals served in these facilities and most of the time the inmates do not even know what you all some of the food now that's bad, they may have errored or accused of one against the law but their nature do not change, for they are still human beings who need proper nutritional meals for the body, My last petition is that something be done about the inmates having to sleep on the floors of the facilities and I came up with in Idea to implement against this problem which is addressed in another letter to our Governor of California and at this time this concludes My Petion.

If you feel as strongly as I do about human rights, please sign My threefold petition in regards to the appealing of proposition 184 - the 3 strike law, petitioning for better quality of food in the Men & women's institution facilities and last but not least by any means, petition for the courts to receive my suggestion on how to implement against the problem of having inmates to sleep on the facilities' floors.

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