#Roads & Transport
Ohioans, Clevelanders, RTA riders
United States of America

RTA (regional transit authority) has proposed a fuel surcharge increase and routes and service reduction to combat the rising cost of the economy.

This proposal will cause current fare rates to soar by at least 30%. Depending on how you use RTA you may very well pay $6.00 for an All Day Pass, $25.00 for a 7-Day Pass, $95.00 for a Monthly Pass, and a jaw clenching $114.00 for those who park their cars to ride RTA the rest of the way! In return they're cutting routes and services that many of us need to get to work, school, and that our Senior citizens use to get their shopping done. RTA claims they do not want to do this, but have to because of lack of funding for public transportation.

In essence the way this proposal looks RTA riders are paying more and receiving no benefit in return.

We, the undersigned, call on you our elected leading government official to support funding for public transportation that will be fair and equal for all.

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