Finance Minister

Mr.Finance Minister,

Every year you are very conscious of increasing prices of our daily goods in the name of "Budget".

Raise in price of petrol,Gas and every other goods have badly affected our middle class and lower class sectors only.

Give us a solution to cope up with your Budget. We know you don't have one. So we give you.

Fix a standard minimum salary to be paid.We demand you to increase this minimum salary amount proportionately with increase in your Budget prices.

You dream of a poverty free India? Here is the Solution.

Do it with no hesitation and waste in time, India will remember you as a Golden Minister in spite of all the troubles we have undergone through your Budgets every year.

Fix the minimum salary as 5000 and order all the organizations to pay this to their lower level staff.

Bring a law to punish the organizations that pays employees beneath this salary.

Be the reason for the eradication of poverty and not for its development.

Now choice is yours be a human to us or criminal to the nation.

Jai Hind!!!

We, the undersigned, on behalf of people of India, call on the Finance Minister of India to fix a minimum salary for low level workers, and thereby eradicate Poverty.

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