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Nickelodeon's smash hit Double Dare (1986-1993) revolutionized Nickelodeon, tripling its ratings! Then, our most feared day came. Double Dare was cancelled. But Double Dare 2000 came into Nick's airwaves in January of 2000, but it was very short-lived. When I found out that Double Dare 2000 was cancelled, I spent time figuring out why it was cancelled so soon. Then I came up with an idea for a new Double Dare! Well, 2 actually.

For my first idea, you could bring back all the music from the original version, bring back Marc Summers as host, use the ultra mess from Super Sloppy Double Dare, and you could make the obstacle course 10 obstacles instead of just 8. Maybe you want to do this, maybe you don't, but you could also use the Triple Dare Challenge from Double Dare 2000.

My second idea is basically the same as my first, except you could make the physical challenges more like the ones on Dog Eat Dog (after all, its ratings are VERY high). Ncikelodeon, please take these ideas into consideration.

We, the undersigned fans of Double Dare, want to petition Nickelodeon to consider creating a new version of Double Dare. After all, Double Dare 2000 was a complete flop compared to the original. We love Double Dare, but not many of us have Nickelodeon GAS, so we can't watch it. So please create another version!

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