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SquareSoft USA

This petition is aimed at SquareSoft USA and is related to the recreation of Final Fantasy VII for PS2 and PC.

The Final Fantasy VII Recreation Movement (FFVIIRM) are wanting SquareSoft USA to recreate Final Fantasy VII. The platforms for the recreation are PlayStation 2 and PC. Through much discussion with many devoted FFVII fans, we want the storyline and main concepts to remain exactly the same, as we don't want it to differ from the original. The graphics have sadly started to become outdated, and we believe that by re-enhancing them, not only will the existing fans purchase the new FFVII and love it, new fans will be attracted by the newcomer.

We think that the graphics should be fully 3D, as opposed to 3D models and 2D backgrounds. The FMV's should be redone to the standard of the movie FF:TSW or FFIX. This would attract many new possible gamers because 3 years has passed since the original was created and there are already new teenagers and young adults who haven't heard of FFVII. We believe that this is a perfect opportunity to boost the FFVII fan community.

We, the undersigned, and the Final Fantasy VII Recreation Movement (FFVIIRM) are wanting you, SquareSoft USA, to recreate Final Fantasy VII as outlined.

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