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I bought an Apple iMac G5 home computer in June 2005, after seeing it advertised as "whisper-quiet". It's not, and it never has been. It buzzes annoyingly throughout operation, and because of its constant rising and lowering pitch (in time with CPU-usage), it constitutes the most annoying noise emitted during normal operation in any computer I have ever used in my 20 years of computing experience.

I have compared it with several other iMac G5's of identical specifications that do not make this noise, of about 20 other machines I compared it to, only one other one did make the noise. Thus the noise is not only in contradiction to the advertising, but it is also abnormal.

Apple has refused to address this issue
satisfactorily for me, the authorised Apple Centre I took it to saying that my iMac was performing within specifications.

After discovering via the official Apple website forums, and via other forums on the web, that many people around the world are experiencing the same problem with their iMac G5's, and also experiencing the same lack of support from Apple, I have decided to start this petition.

The Apple iMac G5 was advertised as being "whisper-quiet". Some indeed are, however - I own an Apple iMac G5 and it is making an annoying buzzing noise during operation which rises and
falls in pitch in accord with CPU-usage.

I want Apple to honour the terms of their warranty and repair or replace my defective product.

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