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1. Legalise Airsoft in NSW, Australia

Make Airsoft legal in Australia.

2. Save Our Helipad - Coomba Park

A proposal as been put forward to demolish the Coomba Park Emergency Helipad on the NSW Mid Coast and to construct a Chapel in its place.

The Helipad, while only used several times a year by the Emergency services, is a critical piece of life and property saving community infrastructure, essential to the residents and visitors on and around the south and western shores and hinterland of Wallis Lake.

The Helipad provides a crucial landing area for Medical Helicopters in our remote region and its removal could see seriously ill or injured patients having to travel up to one and a half hours in an Ambulance rather than a 20 minute flight while being monitored by a Doctor.

The Helipad is also used by Rescue and Fire Fighting helicopters in times when bush fires in our rural setting threaten the property and lives of not just those who visit and live here, but also those on the ground who are trying to protect us.

3. Support the NSWAFRG - Aboriginal Fishing Rights Group

The NSWAFRG are a concerned Aboriginal group NSW of people that have been lobbying NSW government for Aboriginal people's fishing rights in NSW.

This group has been very successful in advocating Aboriginal people's rights to their fishing resources.

The NSWAFRG would like to build a vision with Aboriginal communities on the south coast of NSW .The vision will lay the foundation for the future of Culture fishing for the YUIN people.

4. Support the Cowra Monorail

The Petition of The Cowra Monorail. Cowra NSW has the potential to become a major Australian tourist hub. The closure of Sydney's Monorail in 2013 has given us the opportunity to open something unique for a small regional town.

On behalf of the Residents of Cowra, we plan to purchase the decommissioned Monorail, recycle and reuse this mode of transport. The Monorail Line will consist of 6 rail stations running between the Cowra P.O.W Camp, Japanese Gardens, Kendal St, Cowra West and the Racecourse/Showgrounds this will give tourists a quick way to travel between hotels on Kendal St and West Cowra to tourist attractions.

This elevated railway line will also give local teenagers, the elderly and people without drivers licences who live in the vicinity of the proposed line, a quick way to services like the hospital, banks, supermarkets etc. on the main street. The Cowra community already has acknowledged the lack of mass transit in Cowra with $5 taxi fares for pensioners and a hail and ride bus service.

Installing a Monorail link is much faster than driving and will ease congestion on the Main Street, if we can get the support of the local population we may be able to raise funds through the state and local government and make this unique recycled mass transit system possible. The dollars put into installing the Monorail will be refunded and generate profits to the Cowra community through advertisements, selling tickets and the Opal system.

We believe it's in Cowra's best interest to constitute the Cowra Monorail and hope raise support through this petition. Next stop...Cowra.

5. Stop Coffs Rate Rises

Coffs Harbour has high unemployment as well as being an area known for its low income earners and rising pensioner numbers. The residents of Coffs Harbour are already feeling the strain of increased commodity prices and essential services.

A 16.5% cumulative increase on the general income component of our rates i.e. income derived from ordinary and special rates, over a 2 year period (in addition to the 7.9% already approved for 2014/2015) will only add to this increasing financial burden. In addition, the flow on effect to renters will also be significant.

6. Triple J's One Night Stand 2015

Help bring Triple J's One Night Stand 2015 to Grafton NSW.

The festival is a free all ages music event showcases Australia's most popular acts.

7. Cowra Heavy Vehicle bypass

We are concerned with the safety and inconvenience of the CBD of Cowra.

The large amount of heavy vehicles through our main street is putting pedestrians, local traffic and school children at risk.

8. If buses are over 10 minutes late passengers should not have to pay the fare

The bus route for the M41, 490, 491 located at Park Road nr Cross road. Has always been 10 minutes or more later then the programmed time. Today I saw one of the buses actually cut through Woodville street which meant this particular stop has been skipped.

Now this has been occurring more and more often over the last 2 months. I believe that a bus service should be appearing at its programmed time otherwise passengers should not have to pay their fare seeing as they are the ones who are stranded and not taken where needed on time.

9. Gunnedah Shire needs town meetings

For years this shire hasn't had a place for residents to share their concerns about where they live.

Having town meetings put back in place would greatly help this shire.

10. Help retain the $45M for the Scone overpass/bypass

Sign the petition to make sure the $45 million for the Scone overpass/bypass remains in the budget.

11. Save NSW Family Daycare ratios in 2014

What is Family Day Care?

Family Day Care is a network of Educators who provide education and care in their own homes for children aged birth – 12 years.

Each Educator is registered with a Family Day Care Service who support and monitor the provision of the education and care service.

Who is NSW Family Day Care Association?

The NSW Family Day Care Association (NSWFDCA) is the peak organisation for Family Day Care Services in NSW providing advocacy, training and support.

From the 1st of January 2014 the educator to child ratios will change. Educators currently provide care for up to 7 children under the age of 12, with a maximum of 5 children not yet attending school.

In 2014, educators will provide care for up to 7 children under the age of 13, with a maximum of 4 children not yet attending school.

This change to ratios will affect the viability of family day care in NSW.
• 4000 children each day in NSW will not have the placement in family day care;
• Educators incomes will be reduced if they do not increase fees;
• Services will incur a significant decrease in income and be presented with barriers to recruitment of educators.
• Families will be faced with higher fees and less choice.

There has been no specific research with regard to the best educator to child ratios in a mixed age group setting in family day care.

Different States and territories have different transition dates to comply with the Education and Care Services National Regulations. We are currently operating with 1:5 ratios. We are providing quality education and care for children.

What do we want?

We request an extension of the transition date for the change of ratios in order for the research to be conducted.

We propose that research be carried out by an independent group of researchers. We need to know whether there are educational and social advantages to children within Family Day Care that justify the ratio change.

12. Support of Harbord Diggers Development

Time has taken its toll on the grand old lady by the sea, and the Club is no longer sustainable in its current form.

Harbord Diggers has conducted extensive research and ongoing consultation to find out what the community needs - from Seniors Living and childcare facilities, to a state-of-the-art fitness club, and an entertainment venue with top-class facilities capitalising on spectacular views.

Now is the time for A New Dawn For the Diggers.

13. Save Libby

Housing NSW is over-charging its tenant Elizabeth Anne Ciesiolka (Libby) at a rate of 50% of her gross income. It continues to charge rent on Child Support when Libby does not receive this. Housing NSW is sending letters to the tenant demanding the overcharged rent be paid and it can evict her from her home of 19 years on the basis of her failure to pay 50% of her gross income to it.

You can watch a YouTube video about this petition:
Short version:
Long version:

Housing NSW’s assessment of Libby’s rental subsidy application totals $213.30 rent per week but the documents provided by Libby show an annual income of $18,508, plus her son’s annual income of $3,735 totalling $22,243. The assessment charges rent at $11,073 per annum which is at a rate of 50% of the household’s gross income. This is causing severe housing stress and anxiety for Libby.

Housing NSW’s assessment of Libby’s rental subsidy does not refer to any of the documents she submitted and statutorily declared in her subsidy application. She has not been informed of why they were rejected. Housing NSW policies require she be informed in writing of any perceived irregularities in her documents but she never has been given reasons why they have been repeatedly rejected, although sometimes accepted, over the years.

Housing NSW's assessment and the following documents can be found in the contentious documents file at

Rejected documents
• First Employment Income Details: This document was rejected as incomplete by CSO Nik on 7 August 2012 because it did not state income per week and was not marked with a Company Seal.

• Second Employment Income Details: stating income per week as $385.58 and marked with the Company Seal

• Letter from Child Support Agency stating that entitlement to Child Support would cease on 18 November 2011.

• Child Support Agency Certificate under ss.116(2) of the Child Support (Registration and Collection) Act 1988 (Cth): showing that child support remains unpaid.

• Centrelink Income Statement: 7 August stating eligibility for Family Assistance but that no income is received fortnightly it is received as a lump sum at the end of the financial year.

Libby’s son:
• PAYG income tax statement 2012 and 2011 with 2012 showing that Libby’s son’s income averages $71.83 per week.

1. The amount assessed as $423.41 appears to be calculated from the rejected First Employment Income Details and therefore rejects the Second Employment Income Details stating income per week as $385.58.

2. The assessment fails to accept Child Support documentation that shows that child support ceased on 18 November 2011 when Libby’s youngest son finished school and that the child support remains unpaid as the payer has withheld payments and cannot be located. This issue was discussed with CSO Nik who said that HNSW must continue to charge rent on Child Support until a letter stating that no Child Support is owed is provided. Libby expressed concern about being charged rent on unpaid child support and Nik said “you have nothing to worry about because Housing NSW is ‘not for profit’”. Libby contacted the Child Support Agency but they could not provide such a letter because money is still owed. Housing NSW continues to charge rent on Child Support and Libby has already paid 50% of that Child Support to Housing NSW.

3. No account was taken of Libby’s son’s income from paid employment. Instead the assessment charges rent on Newstart but he is not eligible for Newstart as he is only 21. Libby’s son is not eligible for a payment from Centrelink because Libby receives Family Assistance for him. Nor is he eligible for both Family Assistance and Youth Allowance as previously assessed by Housing NSW.

14. Keep Our Fire Stations Open

The NSW government is planning to close up to 8 fire stations at any one time across Sydney and even more in the regional areas of the state expanding a program that is already threatening lives of our families and friends.

The Government claims that "sick leave" taken by fire fighters is the driving cause of what they call an overtime blowout. Fire Fighters [by calculations which account for extra long shifts 10 - 14 hrs] on average take only 16 hrs more sick leave per year than other "office based" Public Servants. When you consider that there are a range of Illnesses and Injuries that you can still attend an office job but not a fire station, this small difference over a year seems insignificant doesn't it?

So under this plan your local fire station may be closed and you may have to rely on Fire Fighters attending from further away.... I can tell you that waiting for a fire engine when your house is on fire is an uncomfortable feeling; an extended wait would be heart breaking... to say the least.

The Fire Brigade [aka FRNSW] is funded on the following basis;NSW Government contributes 14.6% Local Councils Contribute 11.7% and Insurance Companies contribute 73.7%


The break down of saving goes like this......
Each $1mil cut from the Fire Brigade budget saves the Govt $146,000 the remaining saving goes to :-
Local Councils $117,000
Insurance Companies $737,000

So if the Govt. achieves its target of saving $64,000,000 over the next few years this equates to a saving of :-
$8,600,000 for the Government
and a saving of .... wait for it....
$47,168,000 for the INSURANCE COMPANIES.

15. That Great Lakes Council Declare the Great Lakes Area CSG FREE

The petition of residents of the Great Lakes Area:

Brings to the attention of Great Lakes Council that our area has been widely documented as a place of high biological diversity on the Australian continent. That the biodiversity of the Great Lakes area is of national significance, but faces many serious threats to its continued existence and health.

The Great Lakes area is also home to several lake systems, each providing essential feeding and breeding habitat for a wide range of species, including migratory birds and valuable commercial fisheries. Our lake systems are also home to one of our primary local industries - oyster farming. The substantial rainfall and fertile soils that characterize much of the Great Lakes area support thriving and diverse agricultural industries, including beef and dairy cattle, varied food crops, horticulture, and timber plantations.

We believe that the biodiversity, water resources, and agricultural and sustainable industries, as well as the livelihoods and well being of the people of the Great Lakes, will be directly threatened by the impacts of the exploration and extraction of coal seam gas and other forms of unconventional gas, including tight sands gas. The growing body of evidence worldwide suggests the production of unconventional gas will leave a polluted legacy in the soil, water and natural environment and will create public health problems of unprecedented proportions.

It is of grave concern to the below petitioners, to know of the approved placement of a number of CSG well's at the headwaters of the Gloucester Valley - which is part of the catchment that supplies drinking water for the Gloucester, Taree and Great Lakes region.

We the residents of the Great Lakes area are best placed to protect this area now and for future generations.

16. Review Australian Gun Laws

For 16 years now, law abiding firearms owners have had to put up with strict gun laws after the Port Arthur Massacre. It has been 16 years now since the Port Arthur Massacre, Its time the government and Gun Control Agencies stop using it as an excuse to keep our strict gun laws.

Statistics have shown Australian and New Zealand gun owners are among the best in the world, its time the government give something back to the law abiding firearms owners of Australia.

17. Protect workers' compensation for frontline emergency service professionals in NSW

The NSW Goverment is changing WorkCover There are a couple of major changes that affect paramedics. Firstly we are not covered for any accidents that occur when we are going to work.. As paramedics often are on-call, we would drive to work more often and be exposed more to the dangers/risks of doing so.

Announcement of the amendment: See here.

Secondly and most importantly compensation payments for injuries that occur in the workplace will reduce over time to almost nothing in a five year period. Paramedics are exposed to more risks and greater consequences of those risks. For example traffic collisions, assaults, and many mental issues such as Post traumatic stress disorder. If something happens to YOU that makes it impossible to work as a paramedic again, due to these new laws your compensation payments will decrease to around $400 a week in 12 weeks and to nothing in five years. We are the generation of degree qualified paramedics, we need protection if something goes wrong at work as we have limited back up options.

Thanks to having a useless Heath Services Union we have not gained exemption from these changes. Only police officers and mining workers (of course, which industry pays into the NSW government in 'political donations') are exempt from these changes. Its not a fight for who deserves proper workers compensation, all individuals that place their livelihood on the line for others deserve to be protected when something goes wrong. Fire Rescue NSW is in the process of planning industrial action because this issue is so serious, paramedics unfortunately do not have as strong of a union as the Fire Brigade do :( If police are exempt why aren't firefighters and paramedics?

Check out the article and write to your local state MP. It's our future career and our rights are disappearing before we start. Please also sign this petition leaving your university/training providers name in the short comment.

18. Stop Police Brutality against Juveniles In NSW

Why is it important to sign the Petition?
To demand that NSW Police Officers be held accountable for their actions and stop using of excessive force on Juveniles.

Police Incident: Around 4am on Saturday the 21st of April 2012 a NSW Police Officer shot two juvenile suspects in Kings Cross in a stolen car that mounted the sidewalk and stuck a pedestrian who was wedged under the stationary car. One of the police officers involved in the incident shot the youth in the front of the car and then was captured on video violently assaulting the passenger of the car who appeared to be subdued and was bleeding from a gunshot wound to the neck. The two gunshot victims from the car are in the hospital in a stable but critical condition. The pedestrian that was wedged under the car has been released from Hospital after suffering chest injuries.

Sunday Telegraph video of incident:

Media Source Couriermail - Bloody Ending to Teen Joyride In Kings Cross

The passenger of the stolen car Troy Taylor (17yr old) father speaks out about the brutality.

19. Free Microchipping Annually & Cheap desexing

We believe that tax payers money should be used wisely and the government should provide free microchipping and cheap desexing programs which should be provided from every local council in New South Wales

20. Make your Will mean something

In NSW, anyone can challenge your will. The Succession Act was introduced in 2006 and is now being reviewed by the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice.

Wills mean nothing under this law. Family, ex-spouses and friends can challenge your Will which means your loved ones miss out and costs your estate thousands of dollars in legal fess trying to defend your wishes.


Marriage is an institution vital to the well-being and natural order of society.

In particular, it confirms the importance of motherhood and fatherhood and seeks to protect children's biological identity.

22. Workers Rights for Volunteers in NSW


There is no law or regulation for volunteers in New South Wales to refer to for assistance when they find that they are not being treated fairly by the management of a charity or not-for-profit organisation, or if they are not able to convince management to review its staff management practices. Some organisations have appropriate grievance policies that provide for complaints to be dealt with by independent mediation and arbitration, but such policies are not compulsory

Many volunteers find that they are bullied and their rights not protected. They have no right to seek help from the Privacy Commissioner, the Ombudsman, or the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). The Department of Fair Trading has jurisdiction over many charities under the Associations Act, but can only act if there is a breach of the Act. The Department has no power to intervene if there are breaches of the Constitution, Code of Conduct or grievance policies. Some charities take advantage of this lack of government power, knowing that the Government cannot intervene. This causes many volunteer workers to end up as involuntary unemployed.

Volunteer work is still work. Workers that receive wages have options when they are unfairly treated by bosses, but volunteer workers can't do anything about their employers. We call on government to protect all those dedicated volunteer workers who give their time, energy, and money in service to others.

Support this initiative - email this link to your friends


23. Changing the rules for Learner and Provisional License Holders in NSW

In NSW the rules for Learner and Provisional License Holders is as follows:

Learners must stick below the speed limit of 80 kms/hour even when travelling on a highway where speeds are up to 30 kms/hour faster.

Provisional License Holders must stick to the speed limits of 90 kms/hour for the first year and then 100 kms/hour for the next two. As well as this, Provisional license holders are only allowed to have one person under the age of 21 in the car between the hours of 11 pm and 5am.

These rules are dangerous and create a dangerous environment for new drivers. Having restrictions slower than the already assigned speed limit puts young drivers in a dangerous situation where cars travelling at up to 30 kms/hour on the same road are tailgating and sometimes even causing accidents.

To find out more about the Road rules for Learner and Provisional Drivers please visit:

24. Stop Death Row in NSW

Over 250,000 healthy cats and dogs are being put down per year, due to the issue of over breeding resulting in them having no owners, no home and therefore.. no life.

It is unjust and unfair to spare the life of an animal, if help can be given to them. Please remove the 7-14 day euthanization policy, and instead provide foster carers to look after them until they find homes.

Let's all speak out, for the animals that can't.

Brittany Bloomer

25. Save our Upper House!

With the NSW election on in just a couple of weeks, there's a real possibility that on March 26 right wing conservatives will gain power in the Upper House.

What does this mean for NSW? It means that religious zealots, against, same-sex relationships and euthanasia will be making the decisions that count; that the Shooters Party, who will move restrictions on gun controls, may hold the balance of power; or, worse still, Pauline Hanson just might gain a seat. Let us not forget some of her statements that have shocked us in the past:

"...we are in danger of being swamped by Asians"


“Immigration must be halted in the short-term so that our dole queues are not added to...”

This election there's only one way to Save our Upper House - if you're voting Greens, preference Labor. Or if you're voting Labor, make sure you preference the Greens.

Here’s one last taste of what NSW could look like with a right wing lead Upper House:

Help Save our Upper House on March 26!

26. Review Murder Investigation Procedures

Why does it take so long to interview and investigate murder allegations? Anonymous calls are essential to police investigation, however evidence to either substantiate the claim or discredit this should be sought as soon as possible to relieve distress, save resources and time of innocent people.

27. Objection to proposed amendments to the Radiation Control Regulation 2003 in NSW

Tanning in solarium beds or sunny beaches, have been one of the controversial issues over the past few years. After the massive campaign in 2008 and closing down the majority of the non-compliant tanning salons across the country, Australia has adopted one of the toughest regulations in the world for the indoor tanning industry.

Current standards don’t allow people under the age of 18 and those with skin photo type 1 to use solariums. Now the NSW Department of Environment Climate Change and Water (DECCW) has suggested a new change which will ban people under the age of 30 and those with skin photo type 1 and 2 from using solariums. Although it sounds like a brilliant idea to wipe out the remaining solarium industry by changing the rules, there are several reasons why we all have to be cautious not to rush into making rash decisions.

We have all heard a lot about wanting governments to implement sound ‘evidence based policy’, yet it is rather disappointing when a State Government makes a recommendation that is almost entirely based on emotion, with a few references sprinkled in for flavour. Reading through most of the articles and studies attached to the DECCW proposal, one can see it is not possible to statistically compare natural and artificial UV induced skin cancer simply because everyone is exposed to sunlight during their daily lives but only some choose to go to solaria for a limited period of time. It is also statistically impossible to state ‘indoor tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer’ as solarium consumers expose their skin to natural sunlight more than the average population; either to sunbathe on the beach or to show their tanned skin on the street. Furthermore, most of these references are not statistically reliable because they have a very small sample size, run over a very short period of time, have no control groups, quality of the questionnaires or interviewers are unknown, researchers could possibly be biased against solariums, some have conflict of interest (sponsored by sunscreen companies), and so on.

Currently, 18 is the legal age in Australia which allows people to drive, smoke, vote, drink, etc. While adult Australians can opt to expose themselves to other proven harmful goods and services, it seems discriminatory to ban them from indoor tanning. This would definitely result in tan fans moving to their backyards or local beaches i.e. unmonitored tanning. Throughout history, tanning has gone in and out of fashion. Unlike a few decades ago when dark tan was in fashion, a natural looking tan is perceived trendy these days. According to several studies, both men and women view a tanned body as more healthy or physically attractive than a pale body.

Hence, the most effective way of dealing with the UV tanning issue would be a long-term investment in changing the fashion rather than closing down solarium beds. (to read more go to )

28. Urgent - Save Collector Creek!

The old timber Collector Creek Bridge, NSW, is currently being demolished by the Upper Lachlan Shire Council as quickly and quietly as possible, against Collector residents wishes.

This is wanton destruction of an important Australian historical bridge which was built in the 1880’s. The Collector Bridge is on the old Federal Highway to Canberra and is part of the route that was used by pioneers to Southern New South Wales from the 1830’s. In addition it is adjacent to the site where Governor Macquarie named Lake George in October 1820.

Upper Lachlan Council wish to replace it with a low level culvert 1.5 metres below the level of the current bridge and dig up and lower the old Highway for 100 metres on each side.

We consider this to be an act of vandalism against the heritage and environs of the Collector Creek but also of the State of New South Wales.

Keep up to date with Collector Creek demolition news:

Join our Facebook Group here:!/group.php?gid=123673821005144

View the YouTube Save Collector Creek Video here

(Background updated & edited 24 June 2010 by Save Collector Creek!)

29. A New Theme Park in Western Sydney NSW

Western Sydney needs a new theme park. Wonderland Sydney was Australia's Largest theme park in the southern hemisphere. It supplied a lot of people with entertainment on the weekends and plenty of jobs.

For 19 years Wonderland supplied the children of Sydney with a fun place to visit and explore.

30. Stop abuse of Indigenous Students

Abuse of Indigenous student Scott Parker, Sydney, NSW, Australia.