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Minister For Roads Hon. M Daly

Tex and Bundy are just a symptomatic example of whats been happening in NSW in regards to the law and policy making by the Government and RTA.

Motorcycling and motorcyclist rights have continued to be ignored by our law makers, with no consultation with motorcyclists as road users, ratepayers and valued members of the community.

Tex and Bundy assist in raising $250,000 for charity annually by riding on Tex's bike all around Australia, Tex has done close to 1 million km's on his bike with Cash his last dog and now Bundy. Despite the RTA claiming no laws would be implemented without an evidence based case and community consultation. Law 297 was introduced without discussion or relevant experts and organisations included in the law making process. This law prevents Bundy from riding on the tank even though restrained and trained but the Roads Minister has concluded that she is safe riding upon the back of a motorcycle unrestrained.

This is an excellent example of law making exceeding knowledge and education, we are the motorcyclists and road users, the knowledge base for what these laws are supposed to protect. Yet Government & RTA don't see fit to acknowledge or include us in this process.

We are seeking an exemption for Tex & Bundy to continue their charity work on their motorcycle and show the NSW Government we are truly sick of being ignored.


We, the undersigned, call on The Hon Micheal Daly, Minister for Roads, NSW to grant Tex OGrady & Bundy an exemption to Rule 297, so Bundy can continue to ride on the tank and participate in her charity work.

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