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In NSW only cyclists under the age of 12 are permitted to ride on footpaths, as well as supervising cyclists of all ages. However both the ACT and Queesland allow all cyclists to ride on footpaths.

Recent years has seen a big increase in the number of people cycling in Australia. New cyclists can lack the confidence to share the road with cars.

NSW has a limited and disjointed network of cycleways and bike paths. Cyclists are often forced to join busy roads after the end of a cycleway.

Congestion cuases many roads to be filled with cars that are at a stand still for long periods.

These situations and many others require the legal use of the footpath as a safe alternative for cyclists at all times.

If permitted access to footpaths, cyclsists should always be respectful of pedestrians, animals and all other footpath users. They should ride at an appropriate speed, keep to the left, and warn pedestrians of their presence as needed.

We the undersigned call on Eric Roozendaal MLC, NSW Minister for Roads to align the road rules with Queensland and the ACT and permit all cyclists to ride on footpaths in NSW.

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