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1. Support for a New Door for the Community Hall Ruffs Drive

We really need a new, fully accessible and secure door for our Community Hall on Ruffs Drive, Hucknall. The new door will be fully accessible with push button power opening, fully draft proof and provide additional security for the groups and The West Hucknall Community Cinema. This new door will ensure that the hall is accessible and comfortable for the huge variety of people that come into the building on a weekly basis, people of every age and ability coming to groups as varied as Friday Tots to the Hucknall and Linby Brass Band and many more beside.

2. Safeguard the Five Ways Public House Nottingham

The Five Ways Public House has recently been sold and we understand that this Grade 2 listed building is to become a Muslim Education & community activity centre.

Planning permission is yet to be submitted at the time of writing this petition, according to the Nottingham City Council website.

Our concerns ( local residents ) is the future of the grade 2 listed interior and exterior design. We are also concerned regarding future use and believe that the Five Ways should remain a pub as determined by the current planning status.

Please sign and share this petition in order to strengthen our position during the consultation phase of any future planning permission.

Many Thanks.

3. Investigate St. Ann's Well, Nottingham before any development starts on the site

St. Ann’s Well is an important historic site in Nottingham which deserves thorough professional archaeological investigation. The need for this has become urgent as the City Council has granted planning permission for houses to be built on the site.

St. Ann’s Well, formerly Robin Hood’s Well, was considered to be the main Nottingham site connected with Robin Hood until the 19th century, and fits the description of the location of his hideout.

The Well was the destination for a procession of most of the citizens of the town, led by the mayor, each Easter Monday throughout the middle ages. Deer were culled for a venison feast for all.

Water from the spring was considered to have healing properties and the Knights Templars built a stone immersion chamber here to treat skin diseases. This chamber was in use through the centuries until 1887 when it was covered over by workmen before a railway bridge was built.

Around 1600 an early brick house was built here for Nottingham’s woodward and this building became a public house, visited by royalty, including James I. The house also displayed “relics” of Robin Hood and hosted a society called the Brotherhood of the Bow. Some interesting artefacts have been found here, including a medieval gold ring and coin. Since it was an important focus for a thousand years it is likely there are more to be discovered.

St. Ann’s Well faded from public memory after the railway bridge was constructed over the site. The bridge was demolished in the 1960s and a pub built on the site. The pub too has now been demolished. As a result, there is currently an opportunity for an archaeological investigation to dig down to the level of the stone chamber and locate building remains and artefacts from the area’s history.

Planning permission requires that the developer funds some archaeological investigation on the site. But this will only be shallow, to the depth that new building may damage. The immersion chamber and medieval relics are likely to be deeper underground, covered by soil from the railway embankment. Once houses are built and the land is split up into separate ownerships it is unlikely it can ever be investigated again.

So far, Nottingham City Council has shown little interest in the site, though they promote the cjty’s connections with Robin Hood. We don’t want the opportunity to be lost to research a place with a strong connection with the outlaw which became an important part of Nottingham’s heritage.

St. Ann's Well-Wishers

4. Save Trent Lane Depot

In light of the current demolition threat to Trent Lane Depot (REF 12/01616/PADA), I have put an application in for listing with English Heritage. I hope you will agree that this site is of special historical interest.

It would be a grave mistake for the city to bury one of its proudest achievements, which from 1928 to its decline in 1970s was known as "Nottingham's Highway to the Sea". There have been sound competition proposals to save the buildings and develop the site but the owners The Homes and Communities Agency appear more interested in maximizing profit and speed, rather than heritage, place-making or design.

A little gentle persuasion from the City Council or English Heritage is perhaps all that is needed. The situation is urgent as the demolition team are currently setting up their equipment. I am currently liaising with English Heritage, The Twentieth Century Society and British Waterways.

English Heritage have informed me that they have put this in for emergency review early next week. Any delay to the demolition will be beneficial.

5. Anti Occupy Nottingham

Ever since the Occupy Nottingham Camp has invaded the area in Nottingham Market Square, they have succeeded in creating a space that now feels exclusive and stops other users from enjoying this area.

It was of the understanding that this movement was/is about the Banking problems. They now appear to want to represent anything that they have grievances about. Do we really need a Camp in the middle of our City to makes us aware of these problems? This is space to be used by the public.

This Petition is in support of Nottingham City Council to evict the Occupy Nottingham Camp from the Old Market Square or any surrounding areas on behalf of the Citizens of Nottingham.

6. No Tesco Eastside

No Tesco Eastside’ is a group opposed to the building of a new Tesco on Eastside (formally Boots Island) in Nottingham near Sneinton.

These are our basic points of objection, a more detailed version can be read via our letter of objection here.

1. The threat to the local retail environment
2. A detrimental increase in traffic
3. Design flaws
4. The economic and social impact on local residents
5. An inadequate approach to public consultation
6. A sequential approach to other more appropriate sites has not been taken
7. There is no need for another Tesco in this area
8. We need better alternative shopping plans from our local authority

To contact the No Tesco Eastside campaign group, email notescoeastside AT

7. Save Trent FM from merging

8. Save the Middle Street Resource Centre

The Middle Street Resource Centre (MSRC) is under threat of being closed by the Nottinghamshire County Council.

The MSRC is a day centre for People with Mental Health difficulties and many people, including myself, believe that the MSRC needs to stay open to continue supporting those in need. It is the best place I have seen for people with Mental Health difficulties and this is coming from someone who struggles to settle into a place like this.

The People that visit the MSRC rely on it as a means of support and a place to interact with People that share their difficulties. So, please sign this petition to try and keep it open.

9. Support Speed bump's on Winchester Street

I've created this petition because I was nearly ran over on Winchester Street and have witnessed so many times the dangerous driving and just seen the road being used as a race course.

There have been numerous incidents on the road and it's not long until there is a serious incident. So I need as many people as possible to sign my petition and support me!

10. Save Gamston Green Belt

Nottingham City Council plan to develop housing and a Stadium on Rushcliffe green belt land. Media releases suggest plans for 3500 - 4500 houses and a Stadium. These plans were released to local media on 07/09/09 without any prior consultation with local residents.

An independent survey of the area by Tribal Solutions (partly funded by Nottingham City Council) had already identified the area as unsuitable for development. The proposed location is designated green belt and contravenes current planning guidelines (Planning Policy Guidance 2 Green Belt). It is also on a River Trent floodplain so contravenes Flood Planning Policy Statement 25 Development & Flood Risk.

Furthermore the scale of the development cannot be supported by the local infrastructure.

11. Keep the City Ground

We believe that the history (100 odd years of it) of NFFC at the City Ground is enough reason to stay put, add to that the loss of a wonderful location for a football ground, and the fear that our new stadium would have no character.

We also worry that we'd spend most Saturday's in a half empty stadium.

12. Hucknall Leisure Complex Development Program

As a resident living in Hucknall there are times when entertainment or leiusure facilities are not available. So I am petitioning that a leisure complex consisting of a bowling alley or possible ice skating rink with food and beverage courts be built in the town of Hucknall Nottingham.

13. Save Elms Primary & Nursery School

Nottingham City Council are proposing to close Elms Primary & Nursery school, following a revised proposal for the reorganisation of Primary schools in the St Ann's and Mapperley areas in Nottingham.

The Local Authority is thinking of closing down our school because there are too few pupils.

We strongly believe the closing our school is wrong and will have a detrimental impact on our children and the local community.

About Elms:
72% of parents rate the Elms "very good" or better (annual survey 2006).
Recently renovated outdoor multi-use games area.
"Elms is an effetive school" - OFSTED Report 2004.
International Schools Award recipient 4 years running.

What Parents are saying:
"The Local Authority chose this school for my autistic son because of its outstanding inclusion policies"
"This school has been the best of all the schools that any of my four children have attended"
"We travel by bus 30 minutes everyday to get to the Elms because my children don't want to leave".

Please sign our petition.

14. Megson Out

December 16, 2005

For the sake of Nottingham Forest Football Club Gary Megson has to go?

Yes, only 1 league away win all season. His tatics stink.

Time for a change.

15. Save Haywood School

Haywood School in Sherwood, Nottingham will close unless parents and residents of Sherwood do something about it now.

We need you to support the education authority's alternative plan to re-build the school - if you don't Haywood will close.

Do you want your children to be able to walk safely to a school on your doorstep or have to travel miles out of the area?

Do you want £2 million pounds a year taken out of the local economy?

Do you want businesses to suffer, house prices to fall?

We need to rebuild our local school NOT lose it!

Please sign our petition.

16. Complaint about student assaults - Nottingham High School for Girls

Harriet, a year 2 on our bus (69), is behaving unacceptably. Examples: Hitting, Swearing, Punching, Kicking and even Licking other passengers.