#Neighborhood Living
Nottingham city council
United Kingdom

I've created this petition because I was nearly ran over on Winchester Street and have witnessed so many times the dangerous driving and just seen the road being used as a race course.

There have been numerous incidents on the road and it's not long until there is a serious incident. So I need as many people as possible to sign my petition and support me!

When I have enough signatures that i think is appropriate, then i shall go to the Nottingham city council and present it to them and tell them that it is not just me who is concerned about all the children, elderly, disabled and large amounts of people that cross this road every day with these lunatics using it as a race course it is ...... amount of people that care as well.

Council needs to do something like putting in speed bumps or speed cameras. Council needs to do its duty as a government and make Sherwood a safe place for all the people that live there and visit there.

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